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November 29, 2016 Patch

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Patch notes

  • True Sight Episode 2 countdown panel has been added.
  • Notifications for the newly added Compendium Features have been added.
  • Support for chat bar on the right hand side for screens with 5:4 resolution ratio.
  • Removed dota_hide_broadcast_video Console command.
  • Added a couple of commands related to Steam Datagram's legacy data packets.
  • Added truesight_force_ended, and truesight_force_live Console commands.

Fall 2016 Battle Pass


  • Added Fall 2016 Champions Cup Ticket.
  • Currency updates for EUR, BRL, MYR, KRW, TRY, MXN.
  • Branding info has been added for Ad Finem, NP, WG.Unity, LGD.FY, iG.Vitality and Faceless.

Tournaments item

  • C-Arena season 1
  • CompetionWay Bounty League
  • Dota 2 On Line League
  • RD2L Season 11
  • Geforce Esports Xtreme Tournament
  • The Battle Series December 2016
  • The Gameloft SEA International 2016
  • Arena Antara torneo inaugural por Claners
  • Play4Series
  • Reach the 2.4
  • High School Starleague Winter Season 2016