November 24, 2014 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Fixed Coup de Grace effects not behaving properly in Fog of War
  • Fixed Slark minimap icon.png Slark losing his existing attack target when casting Shadow Dance
  • Fixed False Promise, when cast on an ally, causing the ally to lose their existing attack target
  • Fixed a case where control groups were not remembered correctly with Meepo minimap icon.png Meepo
  • Fixed Armlet of Mordiggian (Inactive) icon.png Armlet of Mordiggian ticking down when Lifestealer minimap icon.png Lifestealer is Infested
  • Fixed bug with low-priority abandonment penalty escalation / de-escalation, causing the penalty to jump from 6 to 16 immediately for many players instead of gradually increasing. All players with a penalty greater than 6 have been reset to 6.
  • Necrophos minimap icon.png Necrophos role changes: Carry (Level 2), Durable (Level 2). (Previously Support (Level 1), Durable (Level 1), Carry (Level 1))
  • The sound level of some active neutral creep abilities has been altered from 84 decibels to 78.
  • Minor value tweaks to poor network detection commands.


Drop List

  • Removed