November 06, 2017 Patch

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Patch notes

Update 1

  • Fixed an issue with Ogre Magi's Unrefined Fireblast multicast not doing any damage.
  • Fix to Phantom Assassin's Coup de Grace talent not dealing the amount of damage it needs to.
  • Fix to Pangolier's Shield Crash not hitting ethereal units.
  • The current gameplay version has been updated to 7.07b from 7.07.
  • Fixed the custom Adaptive Strike icon of Blade of Tears cosmetic for Morphling.
  • A new notification has been added for the 7.07b gameplay update.
  • Avalanche, Toss and Grow added to list of Ability Draft abilities for Tiny.
  • Fixed base health regen for Tiny minimap icon.png Tiny not being set to 2.5
  • Ability layout value for Troll Warlord minimap icon.png Troll Warlord has been added. Set to 5.
  • Tusk's ability draft abilities changed from Shards, Sigil, Kick and Punch to Shards, Snowball, Sigil and Punch.
  • Fixed the radius of Heartstopper Aura being 900 instead of 700.

Update 2 & 3


  • Fixed a bug where abilities with large network updates (e.g. Haunt, Wukong's Command) were causing lag spikes.
  • Fixed an issue where Morphling would be in the location of the first Waveform when cast in quick succession.
  • Issues with Ogre Magi's Unrefined Fireblast Damage seem to have been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with Drow's Gust talent not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue with Windranger's %30 Windrun Slow talent.
  • Fixed Rolling Thunder not being able to destroy Sprout trees.
  • Fixed Global Swashbuckle exploit.
  • Courier's ability order has been changed.
  • All heroes and creep-heroes have been given two hidden ability entries.


  • Empty ability column for the Spirit Bear now has an icon with the tooltip "Empty". This has been added to support a filler ability entry that is put into place when no abilities on the bear are active. Gets replaced by the respective ability when the Bear level hits 3.
  • Fixed a typo in one of Luna's talent text where it read Luna Damage instead of Lunar Damage.
  • Fixed Tiny's talent text reading +75 Avalanche Damage instead of +125 Avalanche Damage.
  • Broodmother hero description has been updated to remove "invisibly" from it.


  • Popular items listing has been updated.


  • Updated bot builds for a few heroes.


  • Currency exchange rates have been updated for ARS, CRC, ILS, KZT, KWD, PLN, QAR and UYU.

Model, Texture, Animation and Sound

  • All skills on the backend now seem to have their animations controlled by an external trigger.
  • A bunch of map, props, base logos, flags and many other supporting models and textures have been added, slightly updated and optimized across various terrains.
    • Added a new particle for lamp glow on the dire side in the Reef Map.
  • Techies mines now have a rolling animation when they move with the new talent (only working with Arcana).
  • A particle issue with Sven's Warcry has been fixed.
  • Fixed Rolling Thunder's end animation.
  • Particles for Dark Willow abilities, Techies mines, Shadow Demon Purge and more been optimized.
  • Terrorize's sound now fades out when cancelling the cast
  • Dark Willow now shows Bedlam in the HUD even before having Terrorize leveled.

Update 4

  • Fix to the disappearing abilities on extra slots such as Rubick's Spell Steal.
  • Some more minor texture tweaks and optimizations to some map related props, trees and etc.