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Nothl Realm

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Nothl Realm
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Heroes:Dazzle minimap icon.png Dazzle
Huskar minimap icon.png Huskar
Factions:Dezun Order

The Nothl Realm, or just Nothl, is a supernatural dimension and land of the dead, considered sacred by Huskar minimap icon.png Huskar and Dazzle minimap icon.png Dazzle's people. It is believed by their people that all beings return to the Nothl Realm after death,[1] including worthy foes, for whom great honors await.[2] The Nothl Realm possess both a dark and light side, with Dazzle being accused of spending too much time in the "shade of the Nothl".[3]

Sacrifice and Entry[edit]

A select number of ingredients are needed to perform the rites that allow entry in the Nothl Realm. The source of these ingredients is a secret guarded closely by the Dezun Order, and is only known to a few in that organization.[4]

Sacrifice to the Nothl is the integral part of Dazzle and Huskar's people.[5], as is the idea that life is given by the Nothl.[6] Slain enemies are also considered sacrifices to the Nothl.[7]

Huskar intended to sacrifice himself, so that he may have a place "among the gods", but he was saved at the last moment by Dazzle, making him one of the few to ever return from the Nothl Realm. As with anyone who entered the Nothl Realm, he was irrevocably changed, gaining new powers through his lifeforce.[8]


What exactly presides in the Nothl realm is unclear, although Huskar returned with the wing of a dragon.[9]


  • It is unknown what precisely the Nothl Realm contains. Huskar sometimes refers to "The Nothl", perhaps referring to one or more entities that reside in the Nothl Realm.


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