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Neutral Items
In-game model of neutral items.

Neutral items are items dropped by neutral creeps. They cannot be purchased or sold at shops, but are fully shareable. Heroes can hold one neutral item at a time. Unused neutral items can be stored in a special stash at the fountain.

Drop mechanics[edit]

  • Drops begin after 7 minutes into the game. In Turbo Mode, drops begin immediately.
  • Neutral items come in 5 tiers. Items from each tier start dropping based on the time on the game clock.
  • Drop chance is calculated by pseudo-random distribution, and rolled individually for each team and each tier. Higher tiered items are rolled first.
  • Drop chance is only rolled when there is a hero within 750 radius of the killed creep.
  • Ancient creeps have triple the drop rate.
  • A neutral creep loses its ability to drop an item when it gets taken over by a player. It must belong to the neutral team to drop items.
  • Neutral items do not drop if there is an enemy of the killing player within 600 radius of the killed neutral unit.
    • Only counts the five picked heroes of the enemy team. Any other enemy unit (including clones and illusions) is ignored.
  • The same item may only drop once for each team.
  • A maximum of four items per tier can drop for each team.
7-15 Mins
15-25 Mins
25-40 Mins
40-60 Mins
60+ Mins
Drop Rate
Tier/Time (Turbo)
0-8 Mins
8-18 Mins
18-32 Mins
32-52 Mins
52+ Mins
Tier 1 Drop Drop Drop Drop Drop 14%
Tier 2 No Drop Drop Drop Drop Drop 10%
Tier 3 No Drop No Drop Drop Drop Drop 10%
Tier 4 No Drop No Drop No Drop Drop Drop 10%
Tier 5 No Drop No Drop No Drop No Drop Drop 10%


Tier 1[edit]

Tier 2[edit]

Tier 3[edit]

Tier 4[edit]

Tier 5[edit]



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