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Necronomicon Warrior

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Necronomicon Warrior
Necronomicon Warrior
Necronomicon Warrior 1 model.png
Necronomicon Warrior 1 model.png
Necronomicon Warrior 2 model.png
Necronomicon Warrior 3 model.png
Necronomicon Warrior icon.png
Level 5
Duration 60
Health 700/800/900
Health regeneration 5
Armor 4
Magic resistance 40%
Status resistance 0%
Attack damage 70/90/115‒80/110/135
Acquisition range 500
Attack range 100
Base attack time 0.75
Attack animation 0.56+0.44
Movement speed 350
Follow range 100
Turn rate 0.5
Collision size 16
Vision range 1300/1400/1500800
Vision type Ground
Bounty 100/150/200
Experience 100/150/200
Model scale 0.4/0.5/0.6
Abilities Mana Break
Last Will
True Sight

Main Article: Necronomicon


Mana Break
Can be used by illusions. Disabled by Break. Does not pierce spell immunity.
Mana Break (Necronomicon Warrior) icon.png
Mana burned per hit, a portion of which is dealt as damage.
Mana Burned per Hit: 30/40/50
Burned Mana as Damage: 50%


  • The bonus damage is dealt in one instance together with the attack damage, and counts as attack damage as well.
    • It can be lifestealed off of, but it is not considered by crit or cleave.
    • It is also not affected by percentage-based attack damage bonuses or reductions, but can be reduced with flat reductions.
  • Effectively increases the warrior's attack damage by 15/20/25 against units which have enough mana to burn.
  • Applies the mana loss first, and then the damage.
  • Works against allied units when attacking them.

Last Will
Disabled by Break. Does not pierce spell immunity.
Last Will (Necronomicon Warrior) icon.png
Deals damage to the unit that kills the Necronomicon Warrior.
Damage: 600/700/800


  • Does not affect allied units, so it can be denied without taking damage.
  • The distance between the Necronomicon Warrrior and the killing unit does not matter.
  • The warrior’s gold and experience bounty is granted first, the damage is applied afterwards.

True Sight
Not disabled by Break. Pierces spell immunity.
True Sight (Necronomicon Warrior) icon.png
Reveals invisible units.
Radius: 1000
Aura Linger Duration: 0.5
Debuff Truesight: Undispellable.


  • Available for level 3 Necronomicon Warriors only.
  • The True Sight is provided within the whole area, regardless of the warrior's actual vision. It is fully unobstructed.
  • The True Sight is provided by an aura which affects enemies. Its debuff lingers for 0.5 seconds.