Murrissey the Smeevil

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Murrissey the Smeevil
Cosmetic icon Murrissey the Smeevil.png
Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Courier

It is rare to find a smeevil far from the warmth of the forge to which it's bound, for they thrive on the affectionate cuffings and curses of their sworn smith. But the lure of a free tortoiceros ride compelled the smeevil Murrissey to break every oath...

Murrissey the Smeevil is a custom courier released for The International 2012. The courier could only be found in Unusual quality in Treasure Chests, Promo Cards, or as Tournament drops.

When upgraded, the courier transforms from a tortoise into a flying turtle. It also has a unique effect—aqua traces from the tortoise's feet and turtle's flippers.


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