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Murder of Crows

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Dendi banner.png
Murder of Crows
Cosmetic icon Murder of Crows.png
Pudge icon.png
Rarity: Mythical

Shoulda' kept your beak out of this.

These items commemorate the release of Valve's documentary, Free to Play, and were created in partnership with Dendi, who receives a portion of every purchase.

Murder of Crows
Murder Mask
Pauldron Perch
Talon Edge
Gauntlet of Dark Feathers
Armor of the Black Bird
Dendi Doll
The Crow Eater
Murder of Crows Loading Screen

This set can be purchased independently or as part of the Free to Play Collector's Pack. It was created in partnership with Dendi, who receives a portion of every purchase. For a limited time, this set was available in Genuine quality.

It comes with a Kinetic Gem that grants seven custom animations.

Set Items[edit]




Customization Type Preview Bound To
Ambient Effect
Pauldron Perch ambient.gif
Loadout Animation Pauldron Perch loadout.gif
Idle Animation
Idle Rare Animation
Victory Animation Pauldron Perch teleport start.gif
Town Portal Scroll icon.png Boots of Travel 1 icon.png Teleport Animation
Teleport End Animation Pauldron Perch teleport end.gif
Spawn Animation
Meat Hook Animation Pauldron Perch Meat Hook.gif