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Known Bugs



Waveform does not have infinite charges in -wtf mode
The wtf mode grants charge-based spells infinite charges. However, it does not do this for spells which do not have charges from the beginning. This means that Waveform does not have infinite charges in this mode.
Other spells affected by this are Cold Feet, Homing Missile, Rupture and Demonic Purge.
8 November 2017
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Adaptive Strike[edit]

Adaptive Strike is not reflected back to Morphling by spell reflection while spell immune
Lotus Orb is supposed to reflect projectile-based spells, even when the original caster is spell immune. The projectile would then fizzle (or apply its AoE effect if it has one) on them when still spell immune on impact, but would fully affect them if the immunity wears off before impact. But Morphling's Adaptive Strike does not follow this rule. Instead, it does not get reflected at all.
Other spells with this bug are Hurl Boulder, Rod of Atos icon.png Rod of Atos' Cripple and Mud Golem icon.png Mud Golem's Hurl Boulder.
16 June 2017


Wildwing Ripper's Tornado will have an infinite duration if the channel is interrupted by Morph ending
The neutral creep ability Tornado icon.png Tornado normally has a max channel time of 40 seconds, and locks the user in a channeling animation while it is out. A bug occurs if Morphling gains and uses this ability while Morphed into a different hero, then waits for the Morph duration to run out while still channeling Tornado. (Example: Morphling uses Morph on Doom icon.png Doom, then casts Devour icon.png Devour on a Wildwing Ripper, then uses Tornado and waits for the Morph duration to end.) If this happens, the tornado summon will remain with an infinite duration, while Morphling will be free to act in a non-channeling state. The player will retain control of the tornado, and it can be moved anywhere on the map. This can be repeated ad infinitum, creating many copies of the tornado summon that will remain for the rest of the game.
15 May 2019

Morphling loses Metamorphosis buff when he morphs back into Morphling using Morph Replicate
When Morphling morphs into Terrorblade and uses Metamorphosis, using Morph Replicate removes the Metamorphosis buff. Even if he morphs back into Terrorblade again, the buff will not return.
29 March 2020