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Mirana minimap icon.png Mirana, the Princess of the Moon
Born to a royal family, a blood princess next in line for the Solar Throne, Mirana willingly surrendered any claim to mundane land or titles when she dedicated herself completely to the service of Selemene, Goddess of the Moon. Known ever since as Princess of the Moon, Mirana prowls the sacred Nightsilver Woods searching for any who would dare poach the sacred luminous lotus from the silvery pools of the Goddess's preserve. Riding on her enormous feline familiar, she is poised, proud and fearless, attuned to the phases of the moon and the wheeling of the greater constellations. Her bow, tipped with sharp shards of lunar ore, draws on the moon's power to charge its arrows of light.
Associated with
Heroes:Luna minimap icon.png Luna
Places:Nightsilver Woods
Temple of Mene
Demon Star
Lunar Dragons
Other Lore:Solar Throne


Mirana was once besieged and forced to defend her dying mount. Exhausted and at the verge of collapse, her struggle was seen by the Selemene's former mount, the heavenly Axia of Metira, who descended from the skies to carry Mirana away.[3] It is unknown whether or not Mirana's dying mount refers to Sagan.

Friendships and rivalries[edit]

Allies meeting Mirana

  • Play Bounty Hunter minimap icon.png r Ah, subtle Mirana.
  • Play Drow Ranger minimap icon.png r That's quite the arrow, Mirana.
  • Play Keeper of the Light minimap icon.png r Lady Mirana, the honor is mine.
  • Play Play Legion Commander minimap icon.png r I like your mount.
  • Play Luna minimap icon.png r By your leave, Princess Mirana.
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r I summered in Nightsilver before. Lovely trees.

Enemies killing Mirana

  • Play Underlord minimap icon.png Pity, I had hoped you would live to see Nightsilver burn.
  • Play Underlord minimap icon.png You die defending what is already ash.
  • Play Batrider minimap icon.png Mirana, I think your ride and mine have a thing for each other.
  • Play Bounty Hunter minimap icon.png Not stealthy enough, Mirana.
  • Play Bristleback minimap icon.png Yegh! Doffed you and the kitty both.
  • Play Bristleback minimap icon.png Oh, I hate cats, or whatever that bloody thing was.
  • Play Chaos Knight minimap icon.png You call that a horse?
  • Play Chaos Knight minimap icon.png That is an ugly horse you ride.
  • Play Drow Ranger minimap icon.png Oh good, some genuine cat gut.
  • Play Luna minimap icon.png No princess lives forever, Mirana.
  • Play Luna minimap icon.png I've waited years to do that.
  • Play Luna minimap icon.png Don't blame me for being ambitious.
  • Play Luna minimap icon.png Succeeded.
  • Play Magnus minimap icon.png I am sorry I hurt you, creature. But not your rider.
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r You're making this too easy, Mirana.
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r Goodbye Princess.
  • Play Night Stalker minimap icon.png Mirana, I am most favored of the moon.
  • Play Ogre Magi minimap icon.png That was skill all right. Pure skill.
  • Play Ogre Magi minimap icon.png You need to work on your skill. Like us.
  • Play Spectre minimap icon.png You ride no more.
  • Play Tiny minimap icon.png Ha ha ha, sorry, I thought you liked to jump.
  • Play Windranger minimap icon.png That's a beautiful mount, Mirana.


  • Play Oracle minimap icon.png r She who bears your fate rides through the woods unseen, blessed by the moon that curses you.
  • Play Play Legion Commander minimap icon.png Blades against bows!
  • Play Play Legion Commander minimap icon.png I will tear you from your saddle!


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