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Minors are tournaments sponsored by Valve. They must have a prize pool of at least 150,000$ and will receive an additional 150,000$ prize pool from Valve on top of that. To be eligible to be a Minor, the tournaments need to have at least one qualifier for each of the primary regions (NA, SA, SEA, CN, EU and CIS) and have a LAN finals component. The schedule of these Minors is managed by Valve.

Based on a teams performance, the total prize pool and the time of the year of these Minors, as well as the Majors, Valve will award the individual players on the teams with Qualifying Points for The International.

Roster restrictions[edit]

In order to qualify for Minors, professional teams must adhere to a set of rules that limit roster changes. This system was designed to create a stabler competitive scene by restricting frequent player trading. Detailed rules and team management can be found on the registration page.

  • In order to participate in a Minors tournament, players must be locked into a team.
  • Locked players cannot leave the team, or be kicked.


2017/2018 Season[edit]

Tournament Date Teams Prize Winner Runner-up Third place Fourth place
ESL One Hamburg 2017 2017-10-12 — 2017-10-15 8 $300,000 Team Liquid Mineski Team Secret compLexity Gaming
PGL Open Bucharest 2017-10-19 — 2017-10-22 8 $300,000 Mineski PSG.LGD Evil Geniuses Immortals
AMD SAPPHIRE Dota PIT League 2018-11-02 — 2018-11-05 8 $300,000 Team Liquid Vici Gaming Newbee Virtus.pro
Perfect World Masters 2018-11-19 — 2018-11-26 10 $300,000 Newbee Vici Gaming LGD.Forever Young compLexity Gaming
MDL 2018-12-08 — 2018-12-10 9 $300,000 OG TNC Pro Team Natus Vincere Virtus.pro
Dota Summit 8 2018-12-13 — 2018-12-17 9 $300,000 Virtus.pro Fnatic OG Team Kinguin
Captains Draft 4.0 2018-01-04 — 2018-01-07 8 $300,000 Team Secret Vici Gaming Mineski OG
ESL One Genting 2018 2018-01-23 — 2018-01-28 16 $300,000 Newbee Team Liquid Team Secret Evil Geniuses
StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 4 2018-02-01 — 2018-02-04 8 $300,000 Team Liquid LGD Gaming Newbee Mineski
GESC: Indonesia Dota2 Minor 2018-03-15 — 2018-03-18 8 $300,000 Evil Geniuses VGJ.Thunder Natus Vincere Infamous
DreamLeague Season 9 2018-03-21 — 2018-03-25 8 $300,000 Team Secret Fnatic Team Liquid Newbee
StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational Season 5 2018-04-12 — 2018-04-15 8 $300,000 OpTic Gaming VGJ.Thunder Vega Squadron Fnatic
GESC: Thailand Dota2 Minor 2018-05-09 — 2018-05-12 9 $300,000

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