Mineski Pro-Gaming League Season 7

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Mineski Pro-Gaming League Season 7
Minibanner Mineski Pro-Gaming League Season 7.png
ASEAN Southeast Asia
Start Date:9 May 2015
End Date:10 May 2015
Prize Pool:$50,000


LAN Finals Format
  • Double Elimination bracket, every match is best of 1, except the Winner's Bracket Finals and Grand Finals, which are best of three. The Grand Finals have a 1-game advantage for the winner of the WB Finals.




Qualified Teams[edit]


  Losers' Round 1 Semifinals
Losers' Round 2
Losers' Round 3 Winners' Final
Losers' Finals
Grand Finals
  Mineski Mineski 0
  Energy Pacemaker Energy Pacemaker 1
  Energy Pacemaker Energy Pacemaker 0
  MVP HOT6ix MVP HOT6ix 2
  G Guard eSports G Guard eSports 0
  MVP HOT6ix MVP HOT6ix 1
  MVP HOT6ix MVP HOT6ix 2
  Energy Pacemaker Energy Pacemaker 1
  Mineski Mineski 1
  Rex Regum QEON Rex Regum QEON 0
  Signature.Trust Signature.Trust 0   Mineski Mineski 0
  Signature.Trust Signature.Trust 1   Mineski Mineski 1
  Energy Pacemaker Energy Pacemaker 1
  G Guard eSports G Guard eSports 0
  G Guard eSports G Guard eSports 1
  5eva 5eva 0
  TnC Gaming TnC Gaming 0
  TnC Gaming TnC Gaming 1

Prize Allocation[edit]

Final Prize Pool: $50,000
Place Team Winnings Percent
A11st  MVP HOT6ix MVP HOT6ix $30,000 60%
A22nd  Energy Pacemaker Energy Pacemaker $10,000 20%
A33rd  Mineski Mineski $7,000 14%
A44th  G Guard eSports G Guard eSports $3,000 6%