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Background Information
Name: Ben Wu
Birthdate: 23 Oct 1987 (age 30)
Country: United States United States
Team: Team icon Vegetables Esports Club.png Vegetables Esports Club
Role: Midlaner, Carry
Signature heroes: Silencer icon.png Tinker icon.png Zeus icon.png
datdota: 90137663
DOTABUFF: 90137663
OpenDota: 90137663
Facebook: merlinidota
Twitter: merlinidota
Twitch: merlinidota
2007 — 2008
2008 — 2009
2009 — 2010
Dota 2:
2014-08-03 — 2014-??-??
2015-02-25 — 2015-03-20
2015-12-07 — Present

Ben "Merlini" Wu is a professional DotA player famed for his use of Zeus, Silencer and Tinker.

Professional Career[edit]

Early Career[edit]

Merlini joined APEX along with p0c and Fang, which was formed by Corea. Team APEX eventually obtained sponsorship from JMC. In CAL, they defeated the more favored Complexity and got 2nd in the first MYM Prime Defending. However, not long after, problems from their real lives prevented them from further playing. They soon disbanded after.


After Loda left MYM, Merlini joined them. In Dreamhack Summer 2007, MYM met T_T in the finals and won gold with great jungling abilities from Merlini. However, due to personal reasons and the fact that Merlini couldn't train routinely with the team, Merlini had to leave the team again.


May 2009, Merlini and Fear joined Evil Geniuses, but internet problems and conflicts with the organization led to disbandment.[edit]

In a short lived 2 months with, Merlini won the F4F.[edit]

Due to sponsonship problems, Blight switched to Nirvana. But due to a lot of reasons, Merlini had to retire in 2010.

SK Gaming[edit]

Merlini was slated to make an official comeback during the Dota2 Valentine's Day Celebrity Charity Challenge, partnering with Sayuri. Unfortunately, at the last minute he was unable to play due to personal obligations, and his spot was taken by American player Fear. Merlini made his official comeback during the 4PlayersLiga on April 11th, 2012 as part of SK Gaming's new roster.

Team Zephyr[edit]

In August 2014, Merlini joined Team Zephyr for one season.