May 31, 2017 Patch

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Patch notes

  • The Roshan death kill message now also shows the time of death.
  • The current time chat wheel notification is no longer sent to spectators.
  • Talent tree notifications now last for 6 seconds.
  • Missing buff and debuff icons during spectating has been fixed.
  • The treasure chest page now has a "ZOOM OUT" button underneath the set details when you are zoomed in on the previews.
  • A bug where the hero portraits would not load in the end game screen has been fixed.
  • The broken link on the 7.06c notification has been fixed.
  • New note has been added for Decripify: Can be used on your Nether Ward.
  • A typo in the Double Damage and Arcane rune descriptions where two % symbols were showing has been fixed.
  • The hero hype text have been removed on the backend from panorama strings to default game strings.
  • Backend tags for talents have been changed to reflect the changes of the latest gameplay patch.
  • Bot builds for a bunch of heroes have been updated.
  • Some networking / steam datagram related commands have been added and removed.
  • Port for local lobby has been games has been set to 27005.

Matchmaking Changes

  • As an experimental change for a few days, All Pick will now have 25 heroes randomly removed from the hero pool at the start of the draft before the ban phase. This change only affects Ranked Matchmaking.

Other Changes

  • In today's update we are changing how commands are processed in Dota to address some user input contention and improve responsiveness. Previously if you cast a spell and before it finished casting, you cast two spells afterwards, only the last spell would be cast. The order queue was only 1 deep effectively. This usually has no practical impact, except for things with really fast/instant cast time done in sequence. Here are a few examples of how the behavior would be different:

Example 1

Example 2

  • Puck minimap icon.png Puck casts Illusory Orb. Puck minimap icon.png Puck then casts Dream Coil. While the cast animation of Dream Coil is playing, Puck minimap icon.png Puck quickly casts Ethereal Jaunt and Waning Rift.
  • Old Rules: Only Waning Rift would have triggered and Puck minimap icon.png Puck would not have teleported with Ethereal Jaunt.
  • New Rules: Puck minimap icon.png Puck teleports with Ethereal Jaunt and then casts Waning Rift in the new location.
  • This change applies generally to all orders that are issued when your hero is in another action (like during a cast animation or while stunned), and the order needs to enter the queue. Issuing a movement command or stop will still empty the queue same as before, if you decide you no longer want to issue the orders in the queue.