May 25, 2016 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Added rebinding the Alt modifier to the settings dialog.
  • Added the Directional Move hotkey to the settings dialog.
  • Added the Hold Select to Follow Hero option to the settings dialog.
  • Arc Warden minimap icon.png Arc Warden's Tempest Double no longer copies Tome of Knowledge icon.png Tome of Knowledge.
  • A new panel has been added to detail Gifting restrictions. You can access this tab from any place where you can send a gift. This FAQ link is at the bottom of it.
    • All your friends who do not have trading privileges will be mentioned so.
    • All your friends who are not available for trade but are eligible will be pointed out. When you send them a trade invite, they'll get more info on how to go about it.
    • All your friends with whom you have not been friends for a long enough time (1 year without Mobile Authenticator / 30 Days with Mobile Authenticator ) will be detailed.
  • The UI also explains to you about Two Factor authentication and the restrictions on trading and gifting because of it. Provides you with a bunch of links.