May 19, 2017 Patch

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Patch notes

  • The Level 245 Reward (Io Arcana: Benevolent Companion) has now been tagged as important so it is one of the jump to points when scrolling through on the reward panel.
  • The Sunken Relic is now tagged as a commodity. This means it is up for trade offers.
  • The Battle Cup panel got enabled.
  • The Trivia is now the top middle panel instead of top right.
  • The server in South Africa seems to have been moved from Cape Town to Johannesburg.
  • Added these new console commands dota_experimental_hud_skip_idle_updates, dota_experimental_hud_skip_tick_updates,


  • Removed these console commands dota_experimental_panorama_skip_updates, panorama_experimental_limit_update_rate
  • engine_experimental_drop_frame_ticks has been enabled again.