May 19, 2014 Patch

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Patch notes

No patch notes have been provided.

  • Pudge's Rot has been fixed. It was dealing one instance of damage to Pudge while two to the enemy earlier when it should be the same.
  • Warlock now has an aggressive stance and new animations to go with his cosmetics.


  • New notifications have now been added. When a stretch goal is reached or awarded, a new notification will pop up letting all Compendium users know this.
  • Live Games of a Compendium will also have a notification.
  • If you do not own a Compendium, there is a notification to let you know that too. This pops up any time you try to access one of the Compendium features.

Fantasy Dota

  • More backend bug fixes to the Fantasy Dota system.
  • Player List is now sortable by columns (Player name, Owner Team and etc)
  • Some incorrect player info has been fixed.


  • The Stanley Parable Announcer Pack has been tweaked better with better response rules.
  • The Stanley Parable Announcer has custom lines to announce Ability Draft.

Dota 2 Store

  • Added new team pennant:
  • Added new tournament item: