May 17, 2018 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Added The International 2018 Battle Pass level badges to the battle pass panel, home page, hero selection screen, versus screen, scoreboard, and battle log.
  • Lane selection description has been added for Ranked Roles Matchmaking tab.
  • Dota Plus panel removed from the front page panels. Now moved to the dedicated Dota Plus tab (accessed from the Dota Plus profile panel on the left hand side).
  • The background image when the Mutation sub tab is selected on the Play Tab has been updated to match the image from the TI8 Battle Pass website related to the mutations.
  • Small Battle Pass icons have been added next to the Mutation and Ranked Role features to indicate that they are Battle Pass exclusive features.
  • Limited Heroes check box disabled from Unranked Games (?).

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