May 10, 2017 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Fixed a bug with the Level 2000 reward slot on the Battle Pass where you could not claim the reward.
  • Fixed a small bug with the smoke gank enemies with assists challenge to detect the buff loss on not just the hero but the entire team.
  • Points won from Slark's Riptide Rumble will be shown as such in the Battle Pass log.
  • Courier icon on the right hand side of the HUD now has a small number counter that shows the number of items you have on the courier at any given time.
  • The UI for the Slark's Riptide Rumble has been updated.
  • The background of The International 2017 dashboard now loads on default only on the high quality setting.
  • Some texture tweaks to the some of the elements on the Reef's Edge map.
  • Added new Console Command engine_experimental_drop_frame_ticks Experimental feature to skip ticks when the client is catching up in low frame rate situations.