May 02, 2013 Patch (Test)

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Patch notes

  • Elder Titan minimap icon.png Elder Titan:
    • Echo Stomp:
      • Fixed a case where Spirit's stomp cooldown would get out of sync with Elder Titan's.
    • Astral Spirit:
      • Fixed an issue where you could Return Astral Spirit while it wasn't in the world.
      • Fixed Astral Spirit not facing Elder Titan when cast.
      • Fixed Astral Spirit giving flying vision at the wrong time.
    • Added visual effect for units moving due to Earth Splitter.

Update 2

  • Elder Titan minimap icon.png Elder Titan
    • Echo Stomp:
      • Fixed physical damage not affecting magic immune units.
      • Fixed damaging ancients.
      • Fixed not having the correct cast time.
    • Astral Spirit and Return Astral Spirit now use the same ability slot and replace one another when cast.
    • Astral Spirit:
      • Fixed affecting ancients on its return path.
      • Fixed adding illusions to the hit hero total.
      • Fixed staying in the world if Elder Titan died.
      • Fixed buff on the caster being purgeable.
      • Fixed not counting Spirit Bear towards the creep count.
      • Fixed buff duration being slightly too short.
      • Fixed movement speed bonus not being capped at 30%.
    • Earth Splitter
      • Fixed a crash if Elder Titan died while casting.
      • Fixed affecting ancients.
      • Fixed not interrupting channeling.
      • Fixed units being pulled into the crack slightly too late.

Update 3

  • Fixed performance hitch that can occur on mouse clicks.
  • Fixed facing angles on Astral Spirit which was also a bug with flipping Elder Titan minimap icon.png Elder Titan upside-down.
  • Fixed team editing not working properly: not saving country or url changes, erroring on a duplicate names when not changing the team name.
  • Elder Titan minimap icon.png Elder Titan:
    • Echo Stomp:
      • Fixed getting out of sync if Elder Titan got silenced.
      • Fixed damage sources being reversed.
      • Fixed damage reflection interactions.
    • Return Astral Spirit: Fixed interrupting Elder Titan's channeling.
    • Astral Spirit:
      • Fixed returning during an Echo Stomp cast.
      • Fixed damaging and waking Echo Stomped units.
      • Fixed some UI and movement speed issues.
      • Fixed abilities proccing magic stick.
      • Fixed getting de-selected after stomping.
    • Earth Splitter:
      • Fixed cast range being too low.
      • Fixed speed being slightly too slow.
      • Fixed delay being slightly too short.
      • Fixed vision being incorrect.