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Background Information
Name:Mason Venne
Country:United States United States
Team:Digital Chaos Digital Chaos
Signature heroes:Weaver icon.png Storm Spirit icon.png Mirana icon.png
Dota 2:
2014-06-02 — 2014-07-28
2015-08-30 — 2015-10-25
2015-12-06 — 2016-01-17
2016-04-29 — 2016-06-??
2016-09-15 — 2016-09-21
2017-01-01 — 2017-04-14
2017-04-14 — Present

Mason "mason" Venne is an American Dota player, who currently plays for Digital Chaos.

Professional Career[edit]

Evil Geniuses[edit]

Despite having been around for years now, Mason has had a rather short career thus far. Replacing Fear in EG in 2014 and placing 3rd in The International 2014, Mason exited the competitive scene after he was replaced in the post-TI4 shuffle. Known to be a versatile carry player, Mason impressed with his safelane Storm Spirit and Mirana and his success came from a rather flexible hero pool.

Intermediary Period[edit]

Following his departure from Evil Geniuses in 2014, Mason would join a number of smaller teams that primarily did scrims, not engaging in the competitive scene at large. Mason would eventually grow tired of the lack of competition and serious commitment from these teams, and with the recommendation of Artour he was invited to Team Onyx by Bulba.[1]

Team Onyx[edit]

Finding a more serious environment in Team Onyx, Mason and his team would go on to qualify for The Kiev Major 2017 North America Qualifier, defeating compLexity Gaming. He additionally also qualified for DreamLeague Season 7 NA Closed Qualifier with Team Onyx.

Digital Chaos[edit]

Only a few days after his success in the DreamLeague Season 7 qualifier, Mason and the rest of Team Onyx were signed by Digital Chaos. Mason then qualified for The International 2017, through winning the NA Qualifiers.