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March 12, 2011 Patch

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Patch notes


  • Fixed drag-select breaking if you dragged over the bottom HUD.
  • Fixed Toss targeting couriers.
  • Fixed Chain Frost initial cast being unable to target magic immune (ministun still works on them).
  • Fixed Chain Frost bounces slowing all magic immune.
  • Fixed Quelling Blade working on denies and on buildings.
  • Lots of Matchmaking fixes.
  • Fixed the scoreboard not showing the correct scores if you were a Dire player.
  • Fixed an issue where when Dragon Knight in his Dragon Form was affected by Voodoo (frog or chicken), he would sometimes not change to the new model.
  • Fixed Headdress regeneration.
  • Fixed Bracer cost.
  • Fixed Storm's Overcharge being used up on denies.
  • Fixed radiant's middle towers being removed on spawn after a changelevel if they were destroyed on the previous game on that server.
  • Fixed Focus Fire not working versus magic immune.
  • Fixed Powershot requiring too much time to read full damage.
  • Fixed a few bugs with Dream Coil interaction with magic immune.
  • Fixed Courier stash pickup function having a delay (which would cause it to come with no items if you issued pickup/deliver quickly).
  • Increased Courier stash pickup range.
  • Fixed Eye of Skadi working on towers.
  • Fixed Crystal Nova working on towers.
  • Added illusion create/kill effects.
  • Many fixes to bots, including less turtling late-game.