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Mantle of the Cinder Baron

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Mantle of the Cinder Baron
Cosmetic icon Mantle of the Cinder Baron.png
Axe icon.png
Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Misc

The Sorcerer King of Valhessi is but one title among many that the doppelganger Niyish has worn. Impersonating the Cinder Baron, the imposter led his forces on a disastrous military campaign, finally gaining an audience with the powerful Valhessian King during their surrender. Now, as the Inferno Keep melts into its volcanic foundations, this mantle is all that remains of the Cinder Baron's reign.
Created By
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This item was distributed to players who owned The International Compendium 2015. An extra style unlock item was also awarded to players with compendiums over level 135. This item is a Prestige Item, and is not available to players anymore.



Customization Type Preview
(Style 1)
Effect Mantle of the Cinder Baron Ambient 1.gif
(Style 2)
Effect Mantle of the Cinder Baron Ambient 2.gif
Battle Hunger Effect Mantle of the Cinder Baron Battle Hunger Effect.gif

Ability Icon[edit]

Battle Hunger
Mantle of the Cinder Baron Battle Hunger.png

Style Unlocks[edit]

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