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Mango Tree

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Mango Tree
Mango Tree icon.png
Neutral Drop Only
Tier 1
Active Plant a Mango Tree
Charges 1
Disassemble? No
Alert allies? No
Mango Tree

The Mango Tree is a tier 1 neutral item dropped by neutral creeps.

Additional information[edit]


Plant a Mango Tree
Targets the ground to plant a mango tree that provides unlimited mango power. The tree generates Enchanted Mangoes every 60 seconds, and provides unobstructed vision in the area
Cast Range: 200
Vision Radius: 1200
Mango Drop Radius: 200
Mango Spawn Interval: 60
Tree Duration: Permanent
Cooldown: 0


  • The Mango Tree is consumed in the process.
  • Creates a regular tree at the target point. This tree has a unique model with little mangoes on it.
  • This means it blocks vision and is treated like any other tree by all abilities which interact with trees.
  • Tango icon.png Tango heals for twice as long when targeting a Mango Tree, using the ward duration instead of the tree duration.
  • The tree drops three Enchanted Mango icon.png Enchanted Mangoes upon being created, and then one mango every 60 seconds thereafter.
    • The mangoes are dropped on a random spot within the drop radius. They spawn at the tree's location and arc over to a random spot.
  • The tree has no duration, lasting until destroyed.