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Lifesteal allows the attacking unit to gain health when damaging an enemy, which includes any attack modifier with attack damage. The lifesteal ability can be gained via items, passive abilities or the auras of other units.

The amount of health a unit gains from lifesteal is calculated by a percentage of the actual damage done to the attacked unit, but still heals for overkill damage, so if an attack's damage exceeded the target's current health and killed it, the heal is based on damage it would have taken if it would not have died.

All sources of lifesteal stack additively with each other.

Sources of lifesteal[edit]


The following heroes have a talent that grants them lifesteal.

Bonus Level 10 Level 15 Level 20 Level 25
Left Right Left Right Left Right Left Right
  • Night Stalker minimap icon.png 15%
  • Huskar minimap icon.png 20%
  • Slark minimap icon.png 20%
  • Phantom Assassin minimap icon.png 15%
  • Meepo minimap icon.png 10%
  • Bloodseeker minimap icon.png 25%
  • Sven minimap icon.png 25%
  • Slardar minimap icon.png 30%
  • Arc Warden minimap icon.png 30%
  • Luna minimap icon.png 35%

Interactions with other abilities[edit]

  • Lifesteal is calculated after critical strikes, which means that lifesteal heals more on attacks that crit.
  • Illusions can lifesteal normally, considering their changed outgoing damage values. However, when attacking illusions, the heal is not affected by the illusion's changed incoming damage values.
  • Secondary targets of instant attacks can be lifestealed off as long as the instant attack is able to carry attack modifiers.
  • If an attack modifier directly adds the damage it deals to the attack damage (like bashes), its damage can lifesteal:

Spell Lifesteal[edit]

Main Article: Spell Lifesteal

Spell lifesteal allows the hero to heal from spell damage they deal. Just like attack damage lifesteal, spell lifesteal is calculated by a percentage of the actual damage done to units. However, unlike attack damage lifesteal, it does not heal for overkill damage dealt to a unit, so if a spell's damage exceeded the target's current health and killed it, the heal is based on the target's remaining health.


Some lifesteal abilities work differently from regular lifesteal. Their mechanics are unique to the spell they are provided by.

  • Feast icon.png
    Lifesteal: 1.5%/2.25%/3%/3.75% (Talent 2.5%/3.25%/4%/4.75%)
    Heals based on the attacked unit's maximum health, it does not depend on damage dealt to the target.
  • Open Wounds icon.png
    Lifesteal: 50% (Talent 100%)
    Duration: 8
    Heals everyone for all the damage they deal to the debuffed target, including spell damage.
  • Spirit Link icon.png
    Shared Lifesteal: 40%/50%/60%/70%
    Duration: 10
    Heals Lone Druid based on the attack damage dealt by his Lone Druid Spirit Bear icon.png Spirit Bear, and vice versa.


Patch history[edit]

  • Fixed interaction between lifesteal and negative attack damage, where lifesteal would cause the attacker to lose health.

Version history[edit]

  • Lifesteal now fully works for illusions.
  • Lifesteal now works against illusions. [?]
  • Lifesteal amount is no longer limited by the current health of the target and uses the full damage you are dealing instead.

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