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Kunkka minimap icon.png Kunkka, the Admiral
As Admiral of the mighty Claddish Navy, Kunkka was charged with protecting the isles of his homeland when the Demons of the Cataract made a concerted grab at the lands of men. After years of small sorties, and increasingly bold and devastating attacks, the Demon Fleet flung all its carnivorous ships at the Trembling Isle. Desperate, the Suicide-Mages of Cladd committed their ultimate rite, summoning a host of ancestral spirits to protect the fleet. Against the Demons, this was just barely enough to turn the tide. As Kunkka watched the Demons take his ships down one by one, he had the satisfaction of wearing away their fleet with his ancestral magic. But at the battle's peak, something in the clash of demons, men and atavistic spirits must have stirred a fourth power that had been slumbering in the depths. The waves rose up in towering spouts around the few remaining ships, and Maelrawn the Tentacular appeared amid the fray. His tendrils wove among the ships, drawing demon and human craft together, churning the water and wind into a raging chaos. What happened in the crucible of that storm, none may truly say. The Cataract roars off into the void, deserted by its former denizens. Kunkka is now Admiral of but one ship, a ghostly rig which endlessly replays the final seconds of its destruction. Whether he died in that crash is anyone's guess. Not even Tidehunter, who summoned Maelrawn, knows for sure.
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Heroes:Tidehunter minimap icon.png Tidehunter
Dark Willow minimap icon.png Dark Willow
Factions:Claddish Navy
Demons of the Cataract
Trembling Isle
Port Mignin
Other Lore:Majestic Leviathan

Kunkka is the former admiral of the Claddish Navy. He comes from a line of seamen, who once hunted whales with harpoons.[1] A veteran commander, he was present in the battle of Port Mignin, as well as the first and second battle of Trembling Isle. He wields the legendary Tidebringer, a sword inhabited by a lost Claddish soul.[2]

After the second battle Trembling Isle, Kunkka washed up on a Keenish shore,[3] where he resumed his career as a fleet commander, with Keen as crew.[4] Rumor is, he compelled Keen artisans to craft him a new sword from the salvage of Cataract Demons, who had also washed up on the same shore.[5] The Keen apparently hold him in high regard, giving him the keys to the gates of their capital. At least one ship under his new command is known by name, the Majestic Leviathan, a great vessel carrying countless chests of treasure.[6]

Another unconfirmed rumor is that Kunkka parted the seas with his Neptunian Sabre, found Maelrawn, and sliced off one of the god's tentacles.[5]

While Kunkka is no pirate, he does have a habit of looting precious objects when the opportunity presents itself.[7][8]

  • There is some speculation whether or not Kunkka is still alive, or has become a phantom after the battle at Trembling Isle. Since Kunkka is sometimes believed to be a phantom, it is possible that the Suicide-Mages' ritual caused him and his ship to survive in their ethereal forms after their destruction on the seas.
  • Kunkka has had scurvy many times.[9]
  • Kunkka supposedly knows of "terrible secrets" at the bottom of the sea that only he can unlock by key.[6]
  • Kunkka is sometimes called "Green Sleeves" by his crew.[10]
  • Kunkka once received a fine sash as a gift from a princess, living in the Isle of Songs. The nature of this relationship is unclear.[11]
  • His notorious rivalry with Tidehunter minimap icon.png Tidehunter stems from the latter's involvement at the Trembling Isle, where Maelrawn was summoned to destroy the two opposing fleets. Despite formal animosity, Kunkka also holds a degree of respect for his nemesis, sometimes lamenting his death.[12]
  • Kunkka is enraged by Mireska, whom he blames for the loss of his fleet at the Trembling Isle. Mireska was stowed away on his ship in search of "trophies", and had some kind of involvement in the battle. Due to her actions, she is now hunted by Kunkka.[13]


As a young man, Kunkka served as a midshipman. He was ambitious, seeking to climb up the ranks. During his early days, he heard tales of great sharks, longer than a frigate, that hunted ships and devoured sailors. As he grew older and rose in rank, he earned the gold-laced buttons that indicated his new status. As an adult, he hunted and killed the giant sharks he heard about as a young man, confirming that such legends were true.[14]

Friendships and rivalries[edit]

Allies meeting Kunkka

  • Play Play Legion Commander minimap icon.png r Nice mustache.
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r Kunkka, I'm not trying to be rude, but you got something on your forehead.
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r Let's do this Kunkka.
  • Play Tidehunter minimap icon.png r Kunkka, I thought I left you on the bottom of the sea.

Enemies killing Kunkka

  • Play Alchemist minimap icon.png Hey, you think Kunkka knew I stole his rum?
  • Play Bane minimap icon.png Do you see your fleet sinking?
  • Play Brewmaster minimap icon.png You can buy the next round.
  • Play Brewmaster minimap icon.png Rum is for sissies.
  • Play Brewmaster minimap icon.png I drank you under the table, and the ground.
  • Play Broodmother minimap icon.png Kunkka, that was for all the spider crabs you've boiled.
  • Play Earth Spirit minimap icon.png Your ship has run aground.
  • Play Earth Spirit minimap icon.png You're dashed upon the rocks.
  • Play Play Legion Commander minimap icon.png And you call yourself an admiral.
  • Play Luna minimap icon.png Arr har har har!
  • Play Play Monkey King minimap icon.png r Whooh! You should've went down with your ship, pirate.
  • Play Naga Siren minimap icon.png You and what navy, Kunkka?
  • Play Naga Siren minimap icon.png More for the drowning.
  • Play Slark minimap icon.png I was under you the whole time, drilling holes in your hull.
  • Play Storm Spirit minimap icon.png There's no safe harbor from this storm, Kunkka!
  • Play Storm Spirit minimap icon.png Ha ha! You should have put to port sooner!
  • Play Storm Spirit minimap icon.png Admiral, but not admirable. Hm hm hm hm.
  • Play Tidehunter minimap icon.png u Kunkka, you're not my admiral.
  • Play Tidehunter minimap icon.png The admirable Admiral dies like a dog!
  • Play Tidehunter minimap icon.png Die in slime, Admiral Mouthbreather!
  • Play Tidehunter minimap icon.png Where's your fleet now, Kunkka?
  • Play Tidehunter minimap icon.png Die in slime, Kunkka!
  • Play Tidehunter minimap icon.png The admirable Kunkka dies like a dog!
  • Play Tiny minimap icon.png Did I put a hole in your hull?
  • Play Undying minimap icon.png Where is your ex-parrot?
  • Play Ursa minimap icon.png The seas are your domain Kunkka, but the forest is mine.

Enemies dying to Kunkka

  • Play Tidehunter minimap icon.png I'll have my vengeance yet, Kunkka!
  • Play Tidehunter minimap icon.png Kunkkaaaaaaa!


  • Play Play Legion Commander minimap icon.png Defend your beard!
  • Play Play Legion Commander minimap icon.png Defend your mustache!
  • Play Oracle minimap icon.png Beware lest ye be shattered by a ghostly frigate.


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