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Kunkka's 'But I'm Not A Pirate!' Pack

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Kunkka's 'But I'm Not A Pirate!' Pack
Kunkka's 'But I'm Not A Pirate!' Pack.png
Rarity: Rare
Slot: Pack

Although no pirate, even Kunkka still puts on piratical airs on Talk Like a Pirate Day. Join him in the one-day festivities, with this bargain bundle containing every pirate-themed item at a price so low, it's practically plunder!
Kunkka's 'But I'm Not A Pirate!' Pack
Pirate Slayer's Bracer
Pirate Slayer's Tricorn
Pirate Slayer's Black Flag
Pirate Slayer's Cutlass
Pegleg of the Cursed Pirate
Pride of the Crew
Ceremonial Rapier
Announcer: The Pirate Cap'n
Mega-Kills: The Pirate Cap'n

Set Items[edit]