Kindler's Kit

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Kindler's Kit
Cosmetic icon Kindler's Kit.png
Rarity: Common
Slot: Action Item

Frostivus is no time to be caught out in the cold. Let a warming fire melt the chill away from you and your friends. Only usable during Frostivus.
Healing Campfire
Kindler's Kit model.png
Ancient Ward
Level 0
Duration 25
Health 1
Health regeneration 0
Armor 0
Magic resistance 0%
Collision size 8
Vision range 600
Vision type Ground
Bounty 0
Experience 0
Notes Has a healing aura.

Patch history[edit]

  • No longer uses the hero's cast animations when used.
  • Reduced regen aura health regen from 5 to 0.

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