June 28, 2013 Patch

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Patch notes



  • Added support for forming and managing Guilds. Guild Leaders invite, kick, promote, and demote members. Officers can invite members. There's a guild message that can be edited, a logo specified, and a chat channel.
  • Added the ability to open a party to a guild, which allows members of a specified guild to freely join the party. Players can browse open guild parties that are available to them.
  • Open guild parties can now have a description.
  • Fixed bug allowing extra bonus report submissions.
  • Capped maximum bonus report submissions at 2.


  • Quick Cast keybindings added for items.
  • Quick Cast bugs fixed: courier keybinding conflict and blank Invoker recipes.


  • Many tweaks have been done to Directed Camera framing.
  • Also tweaks to how the Director chooses shots while in the middle of a fight.


  • Fixed some FoW interactions with Kunkka minimap icon.png Kunkka's ability SFX.