June 26, 2015 Patch

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Patch notes

Dota 2 Reborn

  • Improved responsiveness when spawning a hero
  • Add the ability to turn off sounds when receiving a chat message per-channel
  • Fixed a bug where clicking at the very edge of the minimap wasn't moving the camera correctly
  • Improved the chat UI for when you have many chat tabs open
  • Fixed some couriers that were using incorrect materials for rendering
  • Fixed a bug that was causing significant performance loss on Macs
  • Fixed a bug where creating hammer map variables would show an invalid character error
  • Fixed some bugs with the interaction of Dota voice chat and Steam client voice chat
  • Minor visual adjustments to the terrain
  • Improved the performance setting slider functionality
  • Fixed some rendering artifacts on custom game maps when using the lowest graphics settings
  • Added a brightness slider to the settings menu
  • Reduced memory usage used by the Particle System
  • Fixed various minor bugs with Demo Hero mode
  • Added an option for "Quick Attack" in settings (replaces some deprecated console commands from Source 1)
  • Linux: Added desktop notification when a match is ready.
  • Fixed chat names being converted from UTF16 to UTF8 incorrectly
  • Fixed various bugs with Meepo minimap icon.png Meepo cosmetics
  • Players that are Steam Broadcasting now have an icon next to their name
  • Fix chat wheel settings being incorrectly rotated compared to the in-game version
  • Fixed some issues on Mac and Linux with stray UI elements showing up
  • Custom Games: Fixed how non-multiple modifiers work when multiple items are equipped, unequipped and dropped
  • Fixes bugs where focus goes nowhere after a popup, disabling the mouse forward/back
  • Whisper chat command now sort the autocomplete entries
  • Custom Games: Added SetOverrideSelectionEntity on the player resource, for per-player overrides
  • Fixed various hotkey related issues
  • Fixed various crashes with the Panorama UI
  • Hosts can no longer turn on cheats in public lobby custom games
  • Fixed the item icons in the Inspect Hero panel in Demo Hero mode to reflect the items being demoed
  • Improved the visualization of the camera view bounds on the minimap when the camera is near the edge of the map
  • Custom Games: Increased mana/maxmana precision and max values
  • Fixed various elements of the UI that were not localizable
  • Custom Games: Added a script filter to modify ability tuning values when they are about to be used
  • Fixed attachment points on towers
  • Improved some sound issues when selecting heroes in the loadout screens and navigating away
  • Fixed a bug with the custom game lobby browser when you leave and come back to that screen
  • The reconnect button now shows you when it is attempting to reconnect
  • Fixed various bugs when using copy and paste
  • Fixed disarm effects not showing up properly
  • Linux/Mac: Fixes to audio skipping and improved latency
  • Custom Games: Data-driven modifiers can now specify a "Priority" key to set their relative priority
  • Linux/Mac: Fixed the setting to not play sounds on the desktop not working
  • Fixed a bug where the missed message count would be wrong if you left a chat channel
  • Fixed the hero browser displaying incorrectly on some resolutions
  • Fixed some resolutions being missing in full screen mode
  • Fixed being unable to load localization files sometimes