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June 24, 2011 Patch

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Patch notes

  • New Hero: Doom Bringer
  • New shop interface, which is off by default. To enable it, run with the “+dota_sf_hud_shop 1” in your launch options in Steam. Be aware that the new shop does not mesh properly with the existing hud, so some elements are relocated to fit. Upcoming changes to the HUD layout will fix that.
  • Thanks to our friends at Epic we now have the classic Kill Announcer sounds in the game!
  • New Shape Model and Animation for Lion [has no updated textures/details yet]
  • Fixing a bug where we were using the level for toss instead of the level for grow when we hadn't leveled grow yet. This was giving toss 60% more damage before you had leveled grow.
  • Added Night Stalker VO.
  • Desolate no longer works on creeps.
  • Fixed Time Lapse not purging buffs off Weaver.
  • Fixed Diffusal Blade on melee illusions.
  • Fixed Antimage's Mana Break working on denies.
  • Fixed Leshrac's Lightning Storm to jump to the nearest valid target rather than a random one.
  • Fixed Tinker's March of the Machines to properly hit magic immune units.
  • Fixed Sphere to automatically not proc on friendly spell casts.
  • Fixed Kunkka's Return to have a cast time.
  • Fixed Manta + Refresher, now when you create Manta illusions any existing Manta illusions are destroyed.
  • Bloodseeker no longer gets Thirst from low-health illusions.
  • Morphling's Replicated image now is destroyed when Morphling dies.
  • Weaver can no longer Geminate attack straight out of Shukuchi.
  • More Dota 2 TV Directed mode event work. It should be smarter about tracking possible battles.
  • Fixed Lion being able to cast Mana Drain on units without mana.
  • Fixed Boots of Travel not being able to teleport to towers.
  • Fixed Beastmaster's Hawk starting out invisible when stunned.
  • Fixed Crystal Maiden's Frostbite not doing a ministun when cast.
  • Fixed some rules around when and what Geminate attack can proc
  • Fixed FoW visibility for Rattletrap's Hookshot.
  • Fixed Weaver being able to Time Lapse back into a dead (or pre-death) state.
  • Fixed Juggernaut to be able to use items and attack during Omnislash.
  • Fixed Assault Cuirass, Ring of Basilius, and Vladmir's Offering armor auras from stacking.
  • Fixed Morphling's Waveform to correctly hit units behind him when he starts it.
  • Fixed Tiny's Toss to work on magic immune units.
  • Fixed Juggernaut's Blade Fury to be interrupted if he is stunned (only happens for stuns that go through magic immunity).
  • Fixed Power Treads from stacking.
  • Fixed Zuus's Arc Lightning to correctly jump to the nearest unit.
  • Fixed Blink Dagger's cooldown not being triggered by Spectre's Haunts.
  • Fixed toggling Pudge's Rot (and item/ability toggles in general) not breaking invisibility.
  • Fixed Crystal Maiden's Frost Nova not giving visibility.
  • Fixed Radiance not being toggleable.
  • Fixed Zuus's Wrath hitting illusions.
  • Fixed Sheepstick not instantly destroying illusions.
  • While spectating you can now query units and the director won't stomp the query until you hit "ESC" away from it.
  • While spectating you can now see the query unit's stash.
  • Fixed Sven's Storm Bolt to correctly be un-dodgeable.
  • Fixed bug where if you tried to cast point abilities on your portrait, you would try to cast them at the origin.
  • Fixed all kill reward ranges to be accurate (XP and gold rewards for various things dying nearby).
  • Fixed Urn of Shadow's distance to get charges from dying heroes from 1425 to 1400.
  • Fixed Bloodstone's distance to get charges from dying heroes from 1000 to 1600.
  • Fixed Dark Seer's Vacuum to properly stun vacuumed units while they are being moved, so it will now interrupt channels such as teleports.
  • You can now get assists with units you control other than your hero.
  • Fixed Travel Boots being able to teleport to a dead creep.
  • Fixed Travel Boots being able to teleport to summoned units.
  • Fixed Enigma's Demonic Conversion being able to convert creeps at or above level 5.
  • Fixed Enigma's Midnight Pulse working on non-hero units.
  • Fixed Tiny being able to toss ancients.
  • Double-clicking on illusions will now select only all the other illusions, rather than all the other illusions and the hero.
  • Fixed Power Treads switching to Strength when copied on illusions.
  • Fixed Dark Troll Warlord never summoning skeletons.
  • Disabled Blink Dagger for Vengeful Spirit and Pudge. Disabled Quelling Blade for Kunkka.
  • Fixed Buyback cooldown being triggerable when alive.
  • Added support for completely disabling globallight shadows
  • Match history only shows matches with at least 8 people in.
  • Fixed clicking recently played games in the profile page.
  • Fixed dashboard memory leak.