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June 17, 2011 Patch

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Patch notes

  • New Hero: Ancient Apparition.
  • New Hero: Spectre.
  • Updated Drow animations.
  • New UI panels are now enabled.
  • Keybinding have been reset.
  • Fix to Weaver's bugs not being killable under certain circumstances.
  • Revised travel boots: they now draw an incoming teleport effect, and will port to the creep's location when cast, not its location when the channel finishes.
  • Tweaked netherblast effect to be more representitive of the radius of the effect.
  • We found a few issues that made projectiles arrive or spawn at the wrong times causing health changes to not sync with the actual projectile impacts.
  • Made Furion's Teleport, Blink Dagger, Antimage's Blink, and Queen of Pain's Blink not allow target locations that have never been FoW revealed.
  • Teleport effect now includes the player color.
  • Fixed Pugna not being able to target his own ward with Decrepify.
  • Fixed Illusions looking like they have unspent skillpoints.
  • Now using Steam Voice (Silk Codec) for voice communication.
  • Fixed Diabolic Edict doing damage to Glyphed structures.
  • Ancient Buildings now have true sight.
  • Maelstrom and Mjollnir won't cause a unique attack slot to be taken when attacking buildings. This means other unique attacks can now be applied then (like Deso).
  • Fixed Night Stalker's Void not mini-stunning on apply.
  • Fixed Night Stalker's Crippling Fear doing 0 damage on apply and thus disabling blink dagger.
  • Fixed Weaver's Shukuchi hitting invis targets (damn you Infrisios!).
  • You can no longer self-cast an ability by double-clicking it (or double-hitting the key).