June 04, 2013 Patch (Test)

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Patch notes

Update 2

  • Modified the matchmaking algorithm on the Test client to find matches very quickly.
  • Fixed Necrophos minimap icon.png Necrophos causing ressurection to send you to the fountain.
  • Fixed a number of tooltips.
  • Added key binding to Open Broadcaster Menu to the spectator key bindings list.
  • Fixed Armlet of Mordiggian (Inactive) icon.png Armlet of Mordiggian state when trading or picking up the item.
  • Fixed Animal Courier (Radiant) icon.png Animal Courier movement speed UI being inaccurate.
  • Fixed Bloodstone icon.png Bloodstone not killing you under Shallow Grave.
  • Fixed Quelling Blade icon.png Quelling Blade killing wards in one hit.