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July 25, 2017 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Fixed crashing issue with Roshan.
  • Updated Team NP and Planet Dog teleport effects to match their new teams - Cloud 9 and Hellraisers.
  • Updated Torte De Lini's picture (same picture but white background) and name (with spaces now) on the Talent panel.
  • Some more work has been done to the Broadcaster Tools & the upcoming Ability Guide builder and etc.
  • More support has been added for ability video previews.
  • Support has been added for hero and item win percentages in that particular tournament.
  • Support has been added for hero and item win percentages overall.
  • A new item file has been added that has various tips about items.
  • Added support for other fonts so CN text can be displayed correctly.
  • The role of Mid has been removed from the Guide Builder tools and instead two new roles have been added: Initiator and Roamer.

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