July 17, 2013 Patch (Test)

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Patch notes



  • Added automatic detection of GG calls in tournament and practice lobby matches, which then ends the game 10 seconds later.
  • In the fantasy stats dropdown, players you have on any of your teams will be highlighted and mousing over them will list which of your fantasy teams they are on.
  • Guild invitations now display who's inviting you, and how many members the guild has.
  • Added a tournament drop for early Roshan kills (before creeps spawn).
  • Quick Cast now works on the portrait of your currently selected unit.
  • Players can customize which messages appear on the Chat Wheel.
  • Messages sent via the Chat Wheel appear with an arrow icon next to them.
  • Calendar page now shows a list of tournament games per day.



  • People who decline Matchmaking are temporarily restricted from searching for 45 seconds.
  • Parties are more likely to be matched against other similarly sized parties.
  • When matching parties, the matchmaker now also considers the minimum experience level on both teams rather than just the average.
  • Reduced the average skill variance in games where there are 10 individual players.
  • Fixed a bug in the matchmaker that was causing it to insufficiently segregate players based on win count.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause excessive queue times, especially for large parties or high skill players.


  • Non-default announcers will now comment on pick/ban phases.
  • Windows Mixer control for Dota2 no longer resets to full volume on start up.
  • Music volume floor goes to 0.
  • Updated Abaddon minimap icon.png Abaddon VO.