July 08, 2015 Patch

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Patch notes

Dota 2 Reborn

  • Fixed illusions not appearing correctly when the additive light pass was disabled.
  • Improved method used to calculate ping to data centers
  • Before entering the matchmaking queue, client will confirm network connectivity to gameservers and relays in selected regions.
  • Fixed up Winter Wyvern minimap icon.png Winter Wyvern's hitboxes.
  • Unit tinting now applies to portraits.
  • Fixed units popping in and out of view when Phantom Lancer minimap icon.png Phantom Lancer was in the game
  • Reduced memory usage to help with out of memory crashes
  • Fixed a crash that occurred as a result of disconnecting while still in the middle of connecting to a game. The crash would occur the next time the user tried to connect to a game.
  • Improved unit selection behavior
  • Fixed some situations where the video settings UI would not properly recognize the current state.
  • Linux / Mac: Fixed flickering on the contours of shadows
  • Linux / Mac: Offer a reasonable selection of windowed mode resolutions even when the resolution would not besupported in fullscreen. Fixes not showing 16x9 windowed mode resolutions on some Macs, for example.
  • Linux: Fixed crash due to setting input focus on a hidden window.
  • Panorama: Added Entities.IsAlive()
  • Panorama: Entity indices are now consistent between Panorama bindings and Lua.
  • Panorama: Add support for adding documentation to panorama events. Use the console command "dump_panorama_events" to spit out all documented events in wiki format.
  • Custom Games: Added example addon named rpg_example. This addon demonstrates using javascript to perform an ability on a mouse, how to set up basic creature spawning and AI roaming behavior, as well as some of the other recently added features.
  • Custom Games: PrecacheUnitByNameSync and PrecacheUnitByNameAsync can optionally take a PlayerID as the last argument and it will use the cosmetic items from that player when precaching. The player must be connected to the game otherwise it will fall back to the default cosmetic items.
  • Custom Games: Addons can enable the unexplored fog of war mechanic with GameRules:GetGameModeEntity():SetUnseenFogOfWarEnabled( true )
  • Custom Games: You can now determine whether there's a continuous walkable path between two positions by using GridNav:CanFindPath(vPosition1,vPosition2 ). The length of the path can be determined using GridNav:FindPathLength().
  • Custom Games: Fixed a bug with Vector:Cross()
  • Custom Games: Fixed a memory leak when launching multiple custom games in a session.
  • Custom Games: Fixed a problem with client to server custom game events that contained strings.
  • Custom Games: Fixed a crash with large minimaps in custom games
  • Custom Games: Fixed bug where minimap fog of war did not render correctly for non-square maps
  • Custom Games: Fixed bug where GameEvents.SendCustomGameEventToServer didn't properly handle string values
  • Custom Games: Changed panorama script bindings to use entity index instead of ehandles to be consistent with Lua APIs. Should address *problems mod authors are running into where they can't interchange ents.
  • Custom Games: Lua based abilities can now override GetCastAnimation and GetChannelAnimation.
  • Custom Games: Fixed bug where trees and obstruction entities used in world layers were not destroyed correctly and could cause players to *get stuck.
  • Model Editor: Fixed bug where the model editor could not be opened
  • Particle Editor: Added a Save All command
  • Particle Editor: Fixed title bar to correctly reflect dirty state
  • Particle Editor: Fix to window layout changes not persisting after closing and opening Pet.
  • Particle Editor: Added toggle for viewing system information.
  • Particle Editor: Fix to hero not getting equipped with his set gear when preview model is chosen or an item set is changed.
  • Hammer: Fix for crash when changing dota_light_info settings in hammer.
  • Hammer: Fix for issue where parts of a tile set map could not easily be copied from one map to another.