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Bad against...[edit]

Axe icon.png
  • Berserker's Call pierces spell immunity, making a Blade Fury teleport escape impossible. It's very useful to survive Omnislash as well.
  • Juggernaut's low base health and high attack speed causes him to take a lot of damage from the pure damage of Counter Helix.
Clinkz icon.png
  • With correct timing, Clinkz can completely shut down Juggernaut. With an Orchid of Malevolence he renders Juggernaut completely helpless.
  • His damage is sufficient at earlier levels to destroy Juggernaut in a few hits, due to Juggernaut's low base strength.
Omniknight icon.png
Outworld Devourer icon.png
  • Juggernaut's atrocious mana pool and intelligence gain makes him a very vulnerable target for Outworld Devourer. Arcane Orb does pure damage, effective against Juggernaut's low strength but good armor.
  • Outworld Devourer's ultimate removes 40% of mana from affected heroes, and on Juggernaut it can make him unable to cast any spells at all for the duration of the teamfight.
  • His Astral Imprisonment is also extremely useful against Juggernaut's ultimate, potentially cancelling it altogether. It can save any ally that is being primarily targeted. Other heroes that have similar saving abilities are also very good against Juggernaut, such as Shadow Demon, Dazzle, Oracle, Bane, Pugna, Tusk, and Winter Wyvern.
Phantom Lancer icon.png
  • Doppelganger and illusions in general very effective against Juggernaut's single-target damage and especially Omnislash.
  • Diffusal Blade is a core item for Phantom Lancer. The manaburn from this item can quickly destroy Juggernaut's meager mana pool if he is not careful, making it impossible for him to cast any abilities.
Ursa icon.png
  • Juggernaut needs to be very close to enemies in order to dish out his damage, but getting close to Ursa is not a very good idea. Ursa can easily shred Juggernaut with a couple swipes if anything is attempted, and is one of the few heroes that shouldn't be chased with Blade Fury that often.
  • Juggernaut has a tough time dealing with harass from Fury Swipes during the laning stage.
  • Enrage is very strong against Juggernaut's Omnislash.



Good against...[edit]

Dark Willow icon.png
  • Blade Fury protects Juggernaut against Dark Willow's magical damage.
Invoker icon.png
  • Juggernaut's instant spell immunity helps him dodge Invoker's combos. He can dispel the disables from Cold Snap and Deafening Blast and dodge damage from Chaos Meteor, as well as walk through Ice Wall.
  • Juggernaut's high DPS allows him to kill split pushing Forge Spirits effortlessly, and his high armor prevents them from being a threat to him.
  • However, Invoker can hit Juggernaut with Sun Strike through Blade Fury, making the Tornado > Sunstrike combo a threat if he does not dodge Tornado.
Keeper of the Light icon.png
  • Juggernaut's Healing Ward keeps his team healthy even when pushing against a Keeper of the Light's Illuminate.
  • Blade Fury can dispel Mana Leak and Blinding Light, as well as dodge an incoming Illuminate. Juggernaut can attack towers during Blade Fury, so he can dodge an Illuminate with it without having to stop pushing.
  • Keeper of the Light has low health and armor, and no natural defense against Omnislash.
Necrophos icon.png
  • Blade Fury blocks the damage done by Death Pulse and Reaper's Scythe. Additionally, Ghost Shroud decreases Necrophos's magic resistance, making him take more damage from Blade Fury.
Phoenix icon.png
  • Juggernaut's high attack speed lets him destroy a Supernova easily. He can even attack a Supernova during Blade Fury, which dispels Phoenix's Fire Spirits attack slow.
  • Blade Fury protects Juggernaut from all of Phoenix's spells (except the stun from Supernova, if it isn't destroyed). Even with poor reaction time Juggernaut can easily prevent taking much damage from Phoenix.
  • Phoenix's Icarus Dive will not protect him from Omnislash unless he dives into creeps, and he has low armor, making him easy to solo kill.
Templar Assassin icon.png
  • Blade Fury's damage over time dispels Refraction almost instantly.
  • Juggernaut's high armor allows him to survive for long enough to remove Refraction and threaten her with Omnislash as long as he or his team carries detection.
  • Templar Assassin's short attack range makes it difficult for her to target a well-placed healing ward. She cannot splash onto it with Psi Blades.
Zeus icon.png
  • Zeus has no way to damage a Juggernaut in Blade Fury.
  • Zeus's short attack range makes it difficult for him to target a well-placed healing ward. His Arc Lightning spam will have almost no effect on allies being healed by Juggernaut.
  • Zeus has no way to defend himself, even if Juggernaut cannot use Blade Fury. He can be easily taken out if cornered, sometimes even without Omnislash.


  • Any underfarmed hero without a skill or item to protect themselves can usually be taken out by Omnislash alone. A Juggernaut with a large gold lead should consider buying Aghanim's Scepter to get easy kills more often.
  • Immobile heroes with low attack range will have trouble taking out a Healing Ward if it is micromanaged away from them.
  • If enemy gankers rely on spells that don't pierce spell immunity to cancel teleports and deal damage, Juggernaut can escape almost any scenario by using Blade Fury and immediately teleporting away.

Works well with...[edit]

Crystal Maiden icon.png
  • During the laning phase, Crystal Maiden's Frostbite and Crystal Nova work very well in keeping enemies in range of Juggernaut's Blade Fury.
  • Her Arcane Aura is immensely helpful to Juggernaut, who constantly has mana issues.
Dazzle icon.png
  • Dazzle's ultimate, Weave, amplifies the physical damage dealt from Omnislash.
  • In the case that Juggernaut gets disabled and is unable to use any of his spells, Shallow Grave can keep Juggernaut alive for long enough to teleport out with Blade Fury, which only a few abilities can prevent from happening.
  • Dazzle's Poison Touch slows enemies so that Juggernaut can close the distance for Blade Fury.
Shadow Shaman icon.png
  • Shadow Shaman's Hex and Shackles pins down targets for Juggernaut to Omnislash and Blade Fury, especially those who have items or abilities that would otherwise prevent the successful use of these abilities.
  • Ether Shock is great for clearing out a creep wave, allowing Juggernaut to Omnislash without fear of slashes being wasted on creeps.
Venomancer icon.png
  • Venomous Gale is good set up for blade fury. Slow from attacks helps with kills too and plague wards can be used to extend Venomancer's reach and protect juggernaut from ganks during the laning phase.
Zeus icon.png
  • Arc Lightning and Zeus's Wrath reveals invisible heroes giving Juggernaut the opportunity to use Omnislash


  • Ogre Magi
  • Lich
  • Lion