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JoinDOTA Masters VI

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JoinDOTA Masters VI
Start Date:4 May 2012
End Date:6 May 2012
Prize Pool:€500 EUR



Knockout Stage[edit]

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Germany mousesports mousesports 1
 Sweden Team Infused Team Infused 0
 Germany mousesports mousesports 0
 United States ex-GoSu ex-GoSu 1
 United States Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses 0
 United States ex-GoSu ex-GoSu 1
 United States ex-GoSu ex-GoSu 2
 Europe Fnatic Fnatic 0
 Denmark Quantic Gaming Quantic Gaming 0
 Europe Fnatic Fnatic 1
 Europe Fnatic Fnatic 1
 Kazakhstan 0
 Kazakhstan 1
 Russia Darer Darer 0


2012-5-4 mouz Germany > Sweden Infused  

2012-5-4 EG United States < United States exG  

2012-5-4 Quantic Denmark < Europe Fnatic  

2012-5-4 Kazakhstan > Russia Darer  


2012-5-5 mouz Germany < United States exG  

2012-5-5 Fnatic Europe > Kazakhstan  


2012-5-6 exG United States > Europe Fnatic  
2012-5-6 exG United States > Europe Fnatic  

Prize Allocation[edit]

Final Prize Pool: €500 EUR
Place Team Winnings Percent
A11st  ex-GoSu ex-GoSu
United States
€500 100%