January 28, 2016 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Fixed various crashes, including frequent crashes on machines with Integrated Graphics Cards
  • Removed recent low priority penalties from affected users
  • Lots of memory optimizations
  • Various fixes to weapon ambient effects not showing the right color
  • Fixed Terrorblade minimap icon.png Terrorblade Arcana specular

Update 2

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing completion of the final Lina minimap icon.png Lina quest
  • Fixed a bug with Witch Doctor minimap icon.png Witch Doctor not getting credit for the Ultimate Damage challenge
  • Fixed missing particles in the portrait window of Terrorblade minimap icon.png Terrorblade's demon form


Winter 2016 Battle Pass Quests

  • "Stun Heroes" duration now changed from 100 to 90.
  • Dazzle minimap icon.png Dazzle no longer included in the hero list of "Buy Aghanim's Scepter with Hero" quest
  • "Buy Aghanim's Scepter with Hero" time limit changed from 1500s to 1800s.
  • "Towers Killed" limit changed from 15 to 25.