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January 22, 2011 Patch

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Patch notes


  • Fixed Critical Strike display counting magical damage in its text.
  • Fixed lifesteal working on buildings.
  • Fixed Mask of Madness healing for twice as much as it should.
  • Fixed Assault Cuirass giving bonus armor to enemy units. It also no longer displays two icons.
  • Fixed Ring of Basilius displaying two icons.
  • Fixed Necronomicon Warrior rank 2 having truesight instead of level 3.
  • Fixed Necronomicon Archer rank 1 not having aura.
  • Fixed Windrunner's Shackleshot's target-gather angle, and it will now select the closest valid attach target.
  • Fixed Windrunner not firing off an arrow when she releases Powershot before the channel is completed.
  • Fixed abilities not updating their buttons when changing states. (ie. Puck's Ethereal Jaunt)
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect buffs/debuffs icons to appear.
  • Significant bot revisions, particularly late game. They should no longer get stuck or stand still in their jungle -they should farm (lanes and neutrals) as well as push and defend lanes.