January 12, 2017 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Fixed a bug which prevented illusions from copying a consumed Moon Shard icon.png Moon Shard.
  • Fixed a bug where denying Arc Warden minimap icon.png Arc Warden's Tempest Double was giving bounty gold.
  • Fixed the HUD cursor switching back to the dashboard cursor when the mouse was over certain HUD elements.
  • Shrines will now show their heal radius when Alt is held down until the healing ability completes.

Update 2

  • Updated the Moon Shard icon.png Moon Shard change to be a visual buff to not reveal illusions, rather than carrying over the actual bonus to illusions.
  • Fixed a bug when moving aura granting items from the backpack to the ground.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Techies minimap icon.png Techies's Mines to be auto attacked without being clicked upon.
  • Fixed the shop search hotkey to automatically select the search text.
  • Chat no longer loses focus when clicking in the world.