January 03, 2013 Patch

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Patch notes


  • Added Night Stalker minimap icon.png Night Stalker Darkness graphic to day/night clock.
  • When calculating Net Worth, we no longer include the inventory value of the other Meepo minimap icon.png Meepos.



  • Added Announcer previewing.
  • Fixed backwards day/night indicator.


  • Added Australia server region.
  • Failed chunks are now retried when downloading replays. This should address the issue with Error 206.


  • Bots will now wake up if they're attacked during their initial 15 second slumber.
  • Improved decision-making of who should buy wards on a team.
  • Fixed Lich minimap icon.png Lich bot trolling teammates by using Sacrifice on creeps that a teammate is teleporting to.
  • Swapped around Juggernaut minimap icon.png Juggernaut bot's item build (he goes for Ring of Health icon.png Ring of Health and Battle Fury icon.png Battle Fury faster now).
  • Carry bots are now allowed to move further from their base laning location when going for last hits.
  • Updated Shadow Demon minimap icon.png Shadow Demon's textures.
  • Added additional animations for Axe minimap icon.png Axe when using Force Staff icon.png Force Staff.
  • Added animations for Beastmaster minimap icon.png Beastmaster, Undying minimap icon.png Undying, and Venomancer minimap icon.png Venomancer relating to their loadout stance.
  • Updated in-game music.
  • Updated certain visual elements of the shops.
  • Broken down hero model into multiple parts for Mirana minimap icon.png Mirana.