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Version history[edit]

  • Opening secondary shops now highlights the items in the full shop UI, rather than switching to a filtered view.
  • Allied items can no longer be attacked when inside the fountain area. [?]
  • Added Bottle to the Side Lane Shops.
  • Increased range on shop buying.
  • Sentinel and Scourge shops no longer turn vulnerable after some structures die.
  • Decreased cooldown on buying items (most from 5->2 seconds).

Neutral items[edit]

  • Increased enemy drop range restriction from 900 to 1200.
  • Neutral items no longer drop if the killing player is channeling Town Portal Scroll icon.png Town Portal Scroll or Boots of Travel 1 icon.png Boots of Travel.
  • Neutral items no longer drop for hero clones, if there is no real hero within 750 range. [?]
  • Only one consumable neutral item may now drop per tier. [?]
  • Changed drop time window of tier 1 neutral items from 7-15 to 7-17.
  • Changed drop time window of tier 2 neutral items from 15-25 to 17-27.
  • Changed drop time window of tier 3 neutral items from 25-40 to 27-37.
  • Changed drop time window of tier 4 neutral items from 40-60 to 37-60.
  • Increased tier 1 neutral items drop chance from 10% to 14%.
  • Added a new dedicated inventory item slot for neutral items, located above the dedicated Town Portal Scroll icon.png Town Portal Scroll slot. A hero may now equip only one neutral item. Neutral items can no longer be put inside the main inventory slots. [?]
  • Added a neutral item stash to the fountain. It can be accessed by clicking on the new model in the fountain area, or by simply opening the shop and selecting the NEUTRALS tab.
    • This stash is shared between the entire team, so that all 5 players have access to the stashed neutral items.
    • Up to 4 neutral items per tier may be stored in this stash, resulting in 20 slots.
    • Added a new right-click option to neutral items that allows teleporting the item to the new stash. This can be done from anywhere on the map.
    • Dropping a neutral item within the own team's fountain area now automatically puts the item in the new stash, instead of on the floor.
    • The stash also shows neutral items currently equipped by allies, greyed out and with their hero icon on it. ALT-clicking this sends a chat message for requesting that neutral item.
    • To pick up an neutral item from the stash, it has to be right-clicked. If done while not nearby, the item is placed in the regular stash. If the stash is also full, they cannot be right-clicked.
  • Increased neutral item drop count per tier from 3 to 4.
  • Increased drop chances 9%/6%/3% to a constant 10%.
  • Ancient creeps now have 3 timers higher drop rates than regular neutral creeps.
  • Tier 5 items now start dropping at the 60th minute mark, instead of the 70th.
  • Neutral items no longer drop if there is an enemy of the killing player within 600 radius of the killed neutral unit.
  • Tier 1 neutral items now drop at 7 minutes instead of 5.
  • Neutral items will now always drop only 3 items per tier, rather than having a chance to get more.
  • Neutral items no longer have an end period in terms of when they can drop, just a start period (now 5/15/25/40/70). Higher tier items will always roll first.
  • Neutral items drop rate changed from 10%/5%/2.5%/1.25%/etc to 9%/6%/3%.
  • Neutrals can now drop unique "neutral items" on death.
    • There are 62 neutral items within 5 tiers of items. The chances for each tier are based on the game time.
    • The drop chance of the tiers get halved whenever an item of that tier drops.
    • Items of a specific type may only drop once for each team.
    • Items may only drop when there is a hero within 750 radius of the dying neutral creep.
    • Item drop chance is determined by pseudo-random distribution.
    • Tier 1 items initially have a 10% to drop between the 5th and 15th minute mark.
    • Tier 2 items initially have a 10% to drop between the 15th and 25th minute mark.
    • Tier 3 items initially have a 10% to drop between the 25th and 35th minute mark, and a 5% chance to drop between the 35th and 45th minute mark.
    • Tier 4 items initially have a 10% to drop between the 35th and 45th minute mark, and a 5% chance to drop between the 45th and 70th minute mark.
    • Tier 5 items initially have a 10% to drop starting at the 70th minute mark.
    • For further details and following changes, see Neutral items.

Patch history[edit]

  • Fixed an issue with the ground model of neutral items.
  • Pinging an empty neutral item inventory slot now gives a chat message telling that it is empty. Works on allies and enemies as well.
  • Labels of items on the ground now appear after a 0.5-second delay when holding ALT, instead of immediately.
  • Fixed item labels appearing of items that are far off-screen.
  • Neutral items drop timings are now 7 minutes earlier in Turbo Mode.
  • Fixed a bug where purchasing items with a dead courier selected would put the items onto the courier instead of the stash.
  • Items can now be disassembled while dead.
  • Items can now be disassembled from the stash.
  • Buying items while dead will now go to your inventory directly, rather than the stash. [?]
  • Items in the stash now automatically combine with items in the inventory when dying. [?]
  • Fixed being unable to sell items of leavers.
  • Fixed some rare cases where items wouldn't combine when arriving from the courier.
  • Fixed screen space damage indicator triggering on non-damage events (like toggling Power Treads icon.png Power Treads).
  • Fixed items bought while dead being not sellable when the bought item is in the courier's inventory.
  • Fixed selling back items while dead in the range of the Secret Shop.
  • Fixed being unable to buy items which exist in the Side Lane Shop from the Base Shop while dead in range of the Side Shop.
  • Dropping an item onto another item no longer gives the "Can't target Items" message and instead drops the item now.
  • Dropping an item next to another item on the ground now properly places it where clicked, instead of occasionally landing further away.