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Version history[edit]

  • Opening secondary shops now highlights the items in the full shop UI, rather than switching to a filtered view.
  • Allied items can no longer be attacked when inside the fountain area. [?]
  • Added Bottle to the Side Lane Shops.
  • Increased range on shop buying.
  • Sentinel and Scourge shops no longer turn vulnerable after some structures die.
  • Decreased cooldown on buying items (most from 5->2 seconds).

Neutral items[edit]

  • Heroes can now only hold one neutral item at a time.
  • Unused neutral items are now stored in a special stash at the fountain.
  • Ancient creeps now drop neutral items three times more often.
  • Increased maximum items dropped per tier from 3 to 4.
  • Changed drop chance from 9%/6%/3% to 10%.
  • Tier 5 items now drop at 60 minutes.
  • Neutral items no longer drop if there is an enemy of the killing player within 600 radius of the killed neutral unit.
  • Tier 1 neutral items now drop at 7 minutes instead of 5.
  • Neutral items will now always drop only 3 items per tier, rather than having a chance to get more.
  • Neutral items no longer have an end period in terms of when they can drop, just a start period (now 5/15/25/40/70). Higher tier items will always roll first.
  • Neutral items drop rate changed from 10%/5%/2.5%/1.25%/etc to 9%/6%/3%.
  • Neutrals can now drop unique "neutral items" on death.
    • There are 62 neutral items within 5 tiers of items. The chances for each tier are based on the game time.
    • The drop chance of the tiers get halved whenever an item of that tier drops.
    • Items of a specific type may only drop once for each team.
    • Items may only drop when there is a hero within 750 radius of the dying neutral creep.
    • Item drop chance is determined by pseudo-random distribution.
    • Tier 1 items initially have a 10% to drop between the 5th and 15th minute mark.
    • Tier 2 items initially have a 10% to drop between the 15th and 25th minute mark.
    • Tier 3 items initially have a 10% to drop between the 25th and 35th minute mark, and a 5% chance to drop between the 35th and 45th minute mark.
    • Tier 4 items initially have a 10% to drop between the 35th and 45th minute mark, and a 5% chance to drop between the 45th and 70th minute mark.
    • Tier 5 items initially have a 10% to drop starting at the 70th minute mark.
    • For further details and following changes, see Neutral items.

Patch history[edit]

  • Fixed an issue with the ground model of neutral items.
  • Labels of items on the ground now appear after a 0.5-second delay when holding ALT, instead of immediately.
  • Fixed item labels appearing of items that are far off-screen.
  • Neutral items drop timings are now 7 minutes earlier in Turbo Mode.
  • Fixed a bug where purchasing items with a dead courier selected would put the items onto the courier instead of the stash.
  • Items can now be disassembled while dead.
  • Items can now be disassembled from the stash.
  • Buying items while dead will now go to your inventory directly, rather than the stash. [?]
  • Items in the stash now automatically combine with items in the inventory when dying. [?]
  • Fixed being unable to sell items of leavers.
  • Fixed some rare cases where items wouldn't combine when arriving from the courier.
  • Fixed screen space damage indicator triggering on non-damage events (like toggling Power Treads icon.png Power Treads).
  • Fixed items bought while dead being not sellable when the bought item is in the courier's inventory.
  • Fixed selling back items while dead in the range of the Secret Shop.
  • Fixed being unable to buy items which exist in the Side Lane Shop from the Base Shop while dead in range of the Side Shop.
  • Dropping an item onto another item no longer gives the "Can't target Items" message and instead drops the item now.
  • Dropping an item next to another item on the ground now properly places it where clicked, instead of occasionally landing further away.