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Item Sounds

Shop Consumables Icon.png Consumables[edit]

Item Sounds
Town Portal Scroll (50)
Clarity (50)
Faerie Fire (70)
Smoke of Deceit (80)
Observer and Sentry Wards (175)
Enchanted Mango (70)
Healing Salve (110)
Tango (90)
Tome of Knowledge (150)
Dust of Appearance (180)
Animal Courier (50)
Bottle (650)

Shop Armaments Icon.png Armaments[edit]

Item Sounds
Infused Raindrop (225)

Shop Arcane Icon.png Arcane[edit]

Item Sounds
Magic Stick (200)
Shadow Amulet (1400)
Ghost Scepter (1500)
Blink Dagger (2250)

Shop Common Icon.png Common[edit]

Item Sounds
Magic Wand (450)
Soul Ring (770)
Phase Boots (1480)
Hand of Midas (2150)
Boots of Travel (2500)
Moon Shard (4000)

Shop Support Icon.png Support[edit]

Item Sounds
Buckler (800)
Urn of Shadows (875)
Medallion of Courage (1175)
Arcane Boots (1400)
Drum of Endurance (1625)
Mekansm (2275)
Spirit Vessel (2975)
  • Play Full sound (Ally)
  • Play Full sound (Enemy)
Pipe of Insight (3025)
Guardian Greaves (5375)

Shop Caster Icon.png Caster[edit]

Item Sounds
Glimmer Cape (1950)
Veil of Discord (2050)
Force Staff (2250)
Necronomicon (2400)
Solar Crest (3875)
Dagon (2700)
Eul's Scepter of Divinity (2750)
Rod of Atos (2750)
Orchid Malevolence (4075)
Nullifier (4700)
Refresher Orb (5100)
Scythe of Vyse (5700)

Shop Armor Icon.png Armor[edit]

Item Sounds
Hood of Defiance (1700)
Blade Mail (2200)
Crimson Guard (3700)
Aeon Disk (3250)
Black King Bar (4050)
Lotus Orb (4000)
Shiva's Guard (4750)
Hurricane Pike (4600)
  • Play Cast (on self/ally)
  • Play Cast (on enemy)
Linken's Sphere (5050)
Manta Style (4700)

Shop Weapons Icon.png Weapons[edit]

Item Sounds
Armlet of Mordiggian (2380)
Meteor Hammer (2625)
Shadow Blade (2800)
Skull Basher (2950)
Battle Fury (4400)
Ethereal Blade (4700)
Radiance (5150)
Daedalus (5330)
Butterfly (5475)
Silver Edge (5550)
Abyssal Blade (6650)
Bloodthorn (7205)

Shop Artifacts Icon.png Artifacts[edit]

Item Sounds
Sange (2050)
Mask of Madness (1775)
Helm of the Dominator (1875)
Echo Sabre (2650)
Maelstrom (2700)
Diffusal Blade (3150)
Heaven's Halberd (3450)
Desolator (3500)
Sange and Yasha (4100)
Satanic (5300)
Mjollnir (5600)

Drop Only[edit]

Main Article: Roshan
Item Sounds
Aegis of the Immortal
Refresher Shard


Main Article: Runes

Rune activation sounds play on the unit which activates the rune. This includes activating a rune inside a Bottle (Full) icon.png Bottle.

Rune Sound
Arcane Rune minimap icon.png Arcane Rune Play
Bounty Rune minimap icon.png Bounty Rune Play
Double Damage Rune minimap icon.png Double Damage Rune Play
Haste Rune minimap icon.png Haste Rune Play
Regeneration Rune minimap icon.png Regeneration Rune Play
Invisibility Rune minimap icon.png Invisibility Rune Play
Illusion Rune minimap icon.png Illusion Rune Play

Item drop/pickup[edit]

Type Drop ground Drop shop Pickup shop Pickup ground
General Play Play Play Play
Gems Play Play Play Play
Rings Play Play Play Play
Recipes Play Play Play Play


  • Play Scan cast sound
  • Play Scan tick sound
  • Play Scan enemy detected sound
  • Play Scan full sound clear
  • Play Scan full sound enemy found

Removed items[edit]

Item Sounds
Iron Talon (500)