Iron Talon

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Iron Talon
Iron Talon icon.png
A simple but effective weapon devised to quell a great Hellbear uprising.
Neutral Drop Only
Tier 1
Active Chop
Bonus [?] +2 Armor
+15 Attack speed
Disassemble? No
Alert allies? No
Iron Talon

The Iron Talon is a tier 1 neutral item dropped by neutral creeps.

Additional information[edit]


Enemy Units / Trees
Targets a non-player enemy unit to remove 40% of its current HP.

If cast on a tree, instantly destroys it.
Cast Range: 350
Current Health as Damage: 40%
Cooldown: 25 / 4


  • When targeting a unit, it deals damage based on the target's current health.
    • Cannot target any player-controlled units or Roshan icon.png Roshan.
    • Uses the shorter cast range and long cooldown when targeting units.
  • When targeting a tree, it instantly destroys it.
    • Targeting a tree puts the item on a 4 second cooldown, instead of 25 seconds.
  • The cast sound does not play when targeting trees.


  • Use the active in the jungle against the creep with the most current HP in the middle and hard camp.
  • Chop can be used to make it easier to last hit creeps that are being attacked by a tower. The extra damage might just be enough to kill the creep if just the attack damage wouldn't be enough.


  • Prior to the July 14, 2017 Patch, Iron Talon's active ability, Chop, did not have an official name. The name was taken from the Dota 2 Wiki and officially implemented into Dota 2.