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Illusions (also commonly called illus) are imperfect, weaker copies of heroes, created by spells or items. They look like and are mostly treated like a hero, but are impaired, as they usually have incoming and outgoing damage penalties, dealing less damage and taking more damage than heroes. They are mostly incapable of casting spells or using active item abilities and also have some passive abilities disabled. They also may not drop or pick up items or runes. Illusions yield a little gold and experience based on the hero's level. They do not soak up any AoE experience and gold (they cannot level up, and the gold from last hits they make goes to their owners) and do not interfere with kill streaks or counters.

Illusions can be created from an allied, enemy, or the own hero, copying its appearance, level, attributes, attack values, defensive values like base armor and base magic resistance and their abilities on their current level. All items owned by the hero are copied as well, including all their stats (although some effects of abilities and items are disabled for illusions).

All illusions deal 60% less damage against buildings, making them weaker in pushing. This reduction stacks multiplicatively with the outgoing damage reduction which most illusions have, and also multiplicatively with the damage reduction hero damage does against structure armor type. However, due to the fact that illusions are based on heroes, their damage scales together with the heroes, making them still a significant pushing tool, especially in later phases of a match.

All illusions are invulnerable for one server tick (0.03 seconds) as they spawn. It does not matter which ability spawns them, this goes for all of them. Illusions also always play the same birth sound (which is only audible to allies) upon spawning, and the same death sound upon dying in any way, including upon expiring.

Visual appearance[edit]

Blue illusions as they appear to allies and enemies. Enemy illusions use a hero health bar and display the player names, while allied illusions have a creep health bar and a circle indicating their duration.

All illusions have an extra texture layer, which makes them distinguishable from the original hero. There are 6 different types of textures which can be seen below.

To allies, illusions always appear with the texture layer, making them always look different than the original hero. For enemies, illusions which use the blue or the yellow textures appear like the original hero, making it difficult to tell them apart from the real hero. Illusions with the second, third, or seventh texture appear like illusions to the enemy, meaning enemies do see their illusion textures. However, despite this, the portrait of illusions always appears like the original hero to the enemy.

Illusions do not show damage numbers.

Appearance Illusion skin 0.png Illusion skin 1.png Illusion skin 2.png Illusion skin 3.png Illusion skin 4.png Illusion skin 5.png Illusion skin 6.png
Portrait Illusion portrait 0.png Illusion portrait 1.png Illusion portrait 2.png Illusion portrait 3.png Illusion portrait 4.png Illusion portrait 5.png Illusion portrait 6.png
Abilities Default Blink, Phantasm,
Illusionist's Cape, Manta Style,
Mirror Image, Illusion Rune,
Disruption, Haunt, Shadow Step
Wall of Replica, Vengeance Aura Conjure Image, Reflection Doppelganger Doppelganger, Juxtapose, Spirit Lance Dark Portrait
Camouflaged - Yes No No Yes Yes No

Besides their skin and portrait, their health bar also differs based on whether the illusion is allied or not. Allied illusions have the same health bar as creeps. This also means their mana bar is not visible, as it is only visible when having a hero or creep-hero health bar. Besides this, illusions also have a circle on the left side of the health bar, which indicates their duration.

Enemy illusions use a hero health bar to not make it obvious that they are illusions. They also display the player's or hero's name above them like regular enemy heroes (if the player has the name display toggled on player name or hero name). The player name is based on the owner of the illusion, not of the hero the illusion is based on. This means when an enemy Shadow Demon creates illusions of allies, the illusions carry Shadow Demon's player name. When hero names are chosen, instead of player names, it shows the name of the hero the illusion is based on, and not the owner's hero.

Illusion creating abilities[edit]

These are all abilities which create illusions of heroes:

  • Blink (Anti-Mage) icon.png
    Number of Illusions: 0 (Talent 1)
    Illusion Damage Dealt: (Talent )
    Illusion Damage Taken: (Talent )
    Requires a Talent Talent. Creates an uncontrollable illusion of the caster, which auto-attacks nearby enemies.
  • Wall of Replica icon.png
    Number of Illusions per Enemy: 1
    Illusion Damage Dealt: 200%
    Illusion Damage Taken: 45
    Duration: 1
    Creates a magical wall. If an enemy passes through it, an illusion of it is created. If the illusion gets killed, the wall may create a new one if the enemy walks through again.
  • Dark Portrait icon.png
    Number of Illusions: 1
    Illusion Damage Dealt: 150%
    Illusion Damage Taken: 350%
    Duration: 25
    Requires Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter. Creates illusions of the target enemy hero. The illusion is spell immune.
  • Illusionist's Cape icon.png
    Number of Illusions: 1
    Damage Dealt: 50%
    Damage Taken: 200%
    Duration: 30
    Creates an illusion of the caster. Illusion's and caster's positions are shuffled upon creation.
  • Manta Style icon.png
    Number of Illusions: 2
    Melee/Ranged Illusion Damage Dealt: 33%/28%
    Melee/Ranged Illusion Damage Taken: 350%/400%
    Duration: 20
    Creates illusions of the caster. Illusions' and caster's positions are shuffled upon creation.
  • Mirror Image icon.png
    Number of Illusions: 3 (Talent 4)
    Illusion Damage Dealt: 25%/30%/35%/40% (Talent 34%/39%/44%/49%)
    Illusion Damage Taken: 350%
    Duration: 26
    Creates illusions of the caster. Illusions' and caster's positions are shuffled upon creation.
  • Doppelganger icon.png
    Number of Illusions: 2
    First/Second Illusion Damage Dealt: 0%/20%
    First/Second Illusion Damage Taken: 100%/600%
    Duration: 8
    Creates illusions of the caster. Illusions and caster appear at a random location within the targeted area.
  • Juxtapose icon.png
    Max Number of Illusions: 6/8/10 (Talent )
    Illusion Damage Dealt: 22%
    Illusion Damage Taken: 650%
    Duration (from Hero/Illusion): 8/4
    Has a 40%/45%/50% chance to create an illusion of the hero upon attacking. Illusions of the hero have an 8% chance.
  • Spirit Lance icon.png
    Number of Illusions: 1
    Illusion Damage Dealt: 400%
    Illusion Damage Taken: 10%/18%/26%/34%
    Duration: 20%
    Creates an illusion of the caster at the target, if the projectile successfully hits the target.
  • Bottle (Illusion) icon.png
    Number of Illusions: 2
    Illusion Damage Dealt: 35%
    Melee/Ranged Illusion Damage Taken: 200%/300%
    Duration: 75
    Creates illusions of the user.
  • Disruption icon.png
    Number of Illusions: 2
    Illusion Damage Dealt: 30%/45%/60%/75%
    Illusion Damage Taken: 300%
    Duration: 8/10/12/14
    Creates illusions of the targeted ally or enemy. Can target self. Illusions' and hero's positions are not shuffled.
  • Haunt icon.png
    Number of Illusions per Enemy: 1
    Illusion Damage Dealt: 40%/60%/80% (Talent 72%/92%/112%)
    Illusion Damage Taken: 200%
    Duration: 5/6/7
    Creates illusions of the caster next to enemy heroes for each enemy hero on the map. Haunt illusions cannot be controlled and do nothing but attack their assigned hero.
  • Shadow Step icon.png
    Number of Illusions: 1
    Illusion Damage Dealt: 40%/60%/80% (Talent 72%/92%/112%)
    Illusion Damage Taken: 200%
    Duration: 5/6/7
    Creates an illusion of the caster next to the target enemy hero anywhere on the map. Shadow Step illusions cannot be controlled and do nothing but attack their assigned hero.
  • Conjure Image icon.png
    Number of Illusions: 1
    Illusion Damage Dealt: 30%/40%/50%/60%
    Illusion Damage Taken: 320%
    Duration: 34
    Creates an illusion of the caster.
  • Reflection icon.png
    Number of Illusions per Enemy: 1
    Illusion Damage Dealt: 40%/60%/80%/100%
    Illusion Damage Taken: 0%
    Duration: 3.25/4/4.75/5.5
    Creates an illusion of each enemy hero within range on cast. Reflection illusions cannot be controlled and do nothing but attack their assigned target. Reflection illusions are invulnerable.

Strong Illusions[edit]

Strong Illusions behave the same as regular illusions but cannot be instantly killed by spells as listed below. So far there are only two spells that can create Strong Illusions.

  • Phantasm icon.png
    Number of Illusions: 1/2/3 (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 2/3/4 + per alive ally)
    Illusion Damage Dealt: 325%
    Illusion Damage Taken: 30
    Duration: (Talent )
    Creates illusions of the caster. Illusions' and caster's positions are shuffled upon creation. Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. When you cast Phantasm, causes every allied hero to create an illusion (same stats as Phantasm illusions). Your hero gets an additional illusion as well. Does not interrupt allies. Chaos Knight player controls the allied hero illusions.
  • Vengeance Aura icon.png
    Number of Illusions:
    Illusion Damage Dealt:
    Illusion Damage Taken:
    Duration: Variable
    Spawns a Vengeance illusion of the hero upon death. The illusion lasts until respawning. With the appropriate TalentTalent the Vengeance illusion can cast spells.


All 3 attributes of illusions (strength, agility and intelligence) are based on the original hero. They copy their base attributes, the attributes gained from levels, and all item bonuses. They fully benefit from every trait of attributes, health, health regen, mana, mana regen, armor, attack speed, and attack damage. They also copy the hero's movement speed, main attack damage, attack animation (and projectile speed), base attack time, attack range, bonus attack range, base magic resistance, main armor, base health and mana regen, vision, collision size and turn rate. An illusion's stats, level, ability levels and items are all set upon spawn and do not adapt to the original hero.

Besides copying all the base stats of heroes, these bonus stats (from items, talents or passive abilities) are also copied:

These bonus stats are not copied and thus do not work for illusions (although some of them are displayed in the HUD still):

And finally, these bonus stats are inconsistent; some sources work, some do not:

Magic resistance[edit]

Magic resistance increasing effects do not affect illusions, except Fate's Edict, which fully works.

Magic resistance reductions are inconsistent with illusions. They either do, or do not affect them. However, in the HUD, magic resistance is always displayed as if they were fully affected.

Magical damage barriers fully work for illusions.

These abilities do reduce the magic resistance of illusions:

These abilities do not reduce the magic resistance of illusions:

Not working magic resistance sources


Illusions have a gold and experience bounty equal to their level times 2. The gold bounty is granted to the player killing the illusion, while the experience is shared within the default experience area. However, the experience is only granted when the illusion is killed by a player. Expiring illusions, or illusions dying to lane creeps, towers, fountains or neutral creeps do not grant any experience.

The following table shows their bounties on each level:

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Bounty 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50

The following illusions grant 5 gold and experience, regardless of their level:

Copying buffs or debuffs[edit]

Usually when an illusion spawns, it does not copy the buffs and debuffs the original hero has. There are some exceptions with buffs though. However, they do copy toggle statuses of items and of some abilities.

The following buffs are copied by illusions:

1 The Armlet buff gets copied and applies all its effects (as according to the stats section details), except for the health loss.

2 The wolf form is copied, but the aura is not, so once Lycan returns to his default form, the Shapeshifted illusions no longer move at max speed and no longer crit.

3 Although a consumed Moon Shard's buff is copied, illusions are not granted the attack speed bonus. Only the bonus night vision is applied.

Attack modifiers[edit]

These attack modifiers fully work for illusions:

1 The reductions of Split Shot and Marksmanship are the only reductions which affect illusions.

2 Mana Break and Diffusal Blade burn less mana for illusions than for real heroes.

3 All 3 modifiers of Elder Dragon Form work for illusions, however, the poison debuff placed by illusions deals no damage, the slow debuff doesn't actually slow target (though the speed on the HUD is decreased).

4 Only the accuracy works for illusions.

These attack modifiers do not work for illusions:

1 Places buff on the illusions on each attack, but does not apply the debuff on attack targets.

2 The particle effects of these attack modifiers appear and their sounds play, but their effects are not applied.

3 Tidebringer is always on autocast for illusions, so they proc whenever off cooldown, but none of its effects are applied.

Passive abilities[edit]

These passive abilities fully work for illusions:

1 Warpath does proc when illusions cast spells. Also, since Warpath always applies a stack on all owned illusions by default, illusions casting spells get 2 stacks per cast.

These passive abilities do not work for illusions:

Not working passive abilities

1 The passive components of these active abilities do not work for illusions.

And finally, these passive abilities work partially for illusions:

Partially working passive abilities
  • Thirst icon.png
    Heal and speed limit removal work for illusions, but movement speed bonus and detection/vision do not.
  • Bristleback ability icon.png
    Illusions gain the damage reduction, but not the passive Quill Spray procs.
  • Dragon Blood icon.png
    Illusions benefit from the health regeneration, but not from the armor.
  • Storm Surge icon.png
    Illusions benefit from the base bonus speed, not the self bonus speed.
  • Kraken Shell icon.png
    The Damage Block works for illusions, but the dispel effect does not.
  • Reactive Armor icon.png
    Illusions gain stacks and benefit from the health regeneration, but not from the armor.
  • Corrosive Skin icon.png
    The damage and slow work for illusions, but they do not gain magic resistance.


These auras are bestowed by illusions:

1 Despite the illusions not having an Astral Spirit, their Natural Order always bestows the armor reduction and the magic resistance reduction.

2 Illusions copy the toggle status of these auras.

3 Radiance Aura is weaker on illusions, dealing 35 damage, instead of 60.

4 Illusions bestow the Atrophy Aura. When an enemy dies within aura range of an illusion, Underlord gets the damage bonus, if he owns the illusion, otherwise the illusion itself gets the damage.

5 Illusions do not spawn a Vengeance illusion upon death.

These auras are not bestowed by illusions:

Active abilities[edit]

Most illusions cannot use active abilities and items. The only exception are TalentTalent-upgraded Vengeance illusions, which are allowed to cast Vengeful Spirit's abilities.

Almost all active abilities work normally for illusions, although there is currently no way for illusions to regularly use them. Only very few have a different effect when the caster is an illusion.

Notable differences

Ability interactions[edit]

Most abilities treat illusions like regular heroes. However, some abilities have a different effect or interact in a different way with illusions. A few abilities do not affect illusions at all.

These abilities instantly destroy illusions when used on or against them:

Instantly killing illusions

1 Kills illusions on the first tick, not upon cast.

These abilities treat illusions as creeps, instead of heroes:

1 Illusions require the creep amount of attacks to destroy these, instead of the hero amount.

These abilities do not affect, cannot target, or do not work against illusions:

Not affecting or working against illusions

1 These abilities ignore the death of illusions, so killing them does not make these abilities apply their effects (Attack damage from Atrophy Aura applies to illusions).

2 These abilities cannot target, or do not place their buffs or debuffs on illusions.

Finally, these abilities have different interactions with illusions. They either do not treat them as heroes, or apply different effects on them.

Other interactions

Version history[edit]

  • Illusions incoming damage amplification is now calculated as very last, after all other damage-based calculations are done.
  • Illusions now deal 80% less damage to Roshan rather than dying instantly when attacking him.
  • Illusions now benefit from Health and Mana regeneration.
  • Changed illusion gold and experience bounty from 5+level to 2*level. [?]
  • Increased illusion damage reduction to buildings from 50% to 60%.
  • Increased illusion damage reduction to buildings from 25% to 30%.
  • All illusions now deal 25% less damage to buildings.

Patch history[edit]

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to ping the real version of a hero if they had them selected before using illusion-creating abilities such as Manta Style icon.png Manta Style and Doppelganger, which randomize the position of the hero.
  • Fixed a bug with illusions gaining benefit from items not owned by the original hero.