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Hex (Shadow Shaman) icon.png

Hex (also referred to as Sheep or Polymorph) is a status effect which turns the affected unit into a harmless critter, disabling many of its fighting capabilities.


Hexed Windranger, collision size stays unchanged, but the selection boxes change based on the critter model.

All sources of Hex have an instant (0 second) cast time and instantly destroy illusions. Hexed heroes are still treated as heroes by spells.

Hex applies multiple disables on the target, Silence, Mute and Disarm, rendering it unable to attack, cast spells and use active item abilities. Since it applies a regular silence, toggled abilities are not turned off and already ongoing spells are not stopped, except for channeling spells. It does not dispel any status effect either.

However, it does not apply Break, thus all its passive abilities still work. It neither affects the target's armor, nor its magic resistance or any other passive effects it currently has.

Though hexes transform the target into critters, this has only a visual aspect. The unit keeps all its properties, including collision size. However, its hit box and selection box changes.

All forms of hex can be dispelled by basic dispels.

Movement speed

Besides disabling, hex also directly manipulates the target's base movement speed, setting to a usually low value. The target still fully benefits from any flat movement speed bonuses, like that from any boots. This means it technically does not slow the target. Every movement speed increase and slow change the target's movement speed based on what the Hex set it to + any flat bonuses it has, instead of its actual base speed + flat bonuses.


Sand King minimap icon.png Sand King has a base movement speed of 300. With Boots of Speed icon.png Boots of Speed, he has 345. A 30% slow would reduce it to 241, a 30% bonus would increase it to 448 movement speed
Shadow Shaman minimap icon.png Shadow Shaman's Hex (Shadow Shaman) icon.png Hex sets Sand King's base speed to 100. The boots increase it to 145. A 30% slow would now reduce it to 101, and a 30% bonus would increase it to 188 movement speed.
This also means that hastes will still provide maximum movement speed.

Sources of Hex[edit]


Version history[edit]

  • Hex no longer applies the Break mechanic.