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Helm of the Lost Vigil

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Helm of the Lost Vigil
Cosmetic icon Helm of the Lost Vigil.png
Sven icon.png
Rarity: Rare
Slot: Head

Were there any Vigil Knights still alive to tell the tale, they might share a favorite yarn of the "Lost" Vigil patrol, a mystery with endless variations. Though most believed the missing knights lost at sea, some insisted there had been sightings recorded by the elders of Ashkavor--that the knights had been seen in the mountains that guard the unforgiving jungle lands of Fellstrath--a region already feared long before the destruction of Ashkavor made any journey into those lands impossible.
Relics of the Lost Vigil
Blade of the Lost Vigil
Arms of the Lost Vigil
Belt of the Lost Vigil
Guard of the Lost Vigil
Helm of the Lost Vigil
Spaulders of the Lost Vigil


Customization Type Preview
Adventurer Pathfinder
Ambient Effect Relics of the Lost Vigil.gif Relics of the Lost Vigil Ambient.gif

Set Items[edit]