Helm of the Dominator/Bugs

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Known Bugs


When having multiple Helms of the Dominator, selling one of them kills the dominated creep
Helm of the Dominator is restricted to one creep per player. However, when having multiple helms, and losing one of them (destroying or selling it), the dominated creep dies, despite still having a helm. The game does not check whether a helm is still present or not, it kills the creep as soon as a helm owned by the player gets lost.
This proves to be a severe issue for Arc Warden minimap icon.png Arc Warden. Since it is restricted to one creep per player, and not per hero, his creep always dies whenever he resummons his Tempest Double. This is because whenever resummoned, the double's inventory gets cleared and it copies Arc Warden's items anew. This clearing, which also removes/destroys the double's helm, causes the creep dominated by Arc Warden to die.
4 March 2017

Dominate completely messes up the health of talent-buffed Treants
When dominating talent-boosted Nature's Prophet Treant icon.png Treants, their health gets increased beyond the health minimum of Dominate. Regular treants get their health increased to Dominate's minimum health value, plus the default health value of the treants. Nature's Prophet Treant icon.png Greater Treants get their health increased to 4950.

Holy Persuasion has this issue as well.
20 December 2017

Dominate turns the hp bonus from Granite Aura permanent
When converting a unit which is currently under the effect of Granite Aura, the Granite Aura bonus is turned into a permanent health bonus for that unit.

Holy Persuasion has this issue as well.
20 December 2017