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Point and unit targeting cursor only inconsistently triggers upon precast
When precasting a point or unit targeting ability, the four dots might eventually not show up depending on the cursor position. Instead the default cursor remains. Possible conditions for reproduction: Precast the ability on different position on the screen (left/right/top/bottom half). Move the targeting cursor around into all four corners on the screen. Do it on different map positions (relative position to the 0:0 origin). Do in on different targets (ground/unit/hero).
Disclaimer: Might be related to Ubuntu 17.10 or Mesa radeon drivers.
Sidenote: A new unit targeting cursor should be used that is more similar to the fancier AOE/unit target AOE cursor.
16 November 2017
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Single AOE spells use the wrong targeting cursor when selecting the spell while the cursor is on a valid target
Single targeted spells with an AoE effect have a special AoE indicator. This special indicator does not show up when the spell gets selected while the cursor is pointing on a valid target for the spell. Instead, the default AoE targeting cursor appears.
Following abilities are affected by this bug:
15 November 2017

Stackable items do not show the active spell mana cost
Stack count is shown in the bottom right corner of the item slot. The mana cost for activation is located there as well. In case an item has both (active spell with mana cost + stack count), only the stack count is displayed.
Following abilities are affected by this bug:
22 November 2017
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